Joico K-Pak Moisture Intense Hydrator Review

8:37 PM

Let me start off by saying WOWWWWW!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!

I have dry blahh hair and I have tried everything I can think of under $30 for deep conditioners and honestly I never am very satisfied with my result.

I have eyed this numerous times but always backed away from the price tag. I have seen this ranging from $22-25 for 250ml bottle. Pricey yes! Worth full price? That would be a more difficult question since I got this bottle on sale for $9.99 at London Drugs. Worth every penny, I probably would pay the $20 but that is damn expensive in my books for 250ml of product that doesn't put extra hair on my head ;)

This product is intense hydrator treatment for dry,damaged over processed unhealthy hair!

You can find this in all of Joico products - Quadramine Complex ,my stylist described it as something in healthy hair that is needed to repair damaged/fried/dyed hair. The key structural component of hair is keratin protein in the form of 19 different amino acids.The best way to fix the damage is to replace it with a type of Keratin that is naturally found in hair.

I love the consistency of this product, it is thick but not too thick. 

I love the smell, I find most of Joico products have a really good smell. Salon type smell but not  a chemical smell.

I use this as  my deep conditioner a couple times a week and maybe once a month I will put this in my hair, braid my hair and sleep in it. My hair is CRAZY  soft after I wash it in the am!!

I absolutely love this product for my hair type.I think it would work with all hair types. I would recommend this product and repurchase it again.

What is your favorite deep conditioner??

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  1. Oooh yes I think I've heard about this brand before but it's so expensive, I agree! Glad you could get it on sale and love it (:

  2. Thanks for provide useful moisture joico product...Protein Powder

  3. I've never heard of this! But it looks really good! :)
    My favorite deep conditioner is Garnier Fructis :))

  4. It's funny how you forget about products until someone talks about them.I use to use this all the time and I loved it then! I just started using so many different products I forgot about it.

  5. I'm always looking for things to make my hair soft and healthy especially since I razor it... so I tend to get split ends due to that! :-( I know I shouldn't.... but I love the effect! :-) Something else that I need to think about buying! haha

  6. @Gaby- =) I am always trying to find a sale product but sometimes it doesn't always work =\

    @Cerina- I love Fructis products for the most part,they smell so good and are good prices!

    @VintageMakeup- you really should try it if you get the chance!

    @MrsMakeup-I agree I do the same seems like I try things out later then everyone too so it's like a flash back for everyone to read my old products posts lol

    @Themisstwist-ohhhh really you do that? Do you do it yourself or at a salon? I love watching people cut hair like that! It's so cool :)

  7. Great review Tea :) I have heard of K-PAK joico line and I have used a few of their products although not this Intense Hydrator. I didn't quite see too much of a difference with the K-PAK Joico conditioner but I do like their Joico Silk Result shampoo and conditioner. I will keep a look out for this product! I don't use a deep conditioner at the moment but I'm loving the Shiseido shampoo and conditioner - it is soooo moisturizing when used in combination. I can only get it at T & T though which is an Asian supermarket (there's one in Calgary).


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