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Like I have said in the past I am pretty easy to please. Little things mean the most to me and when something bigger comes my way I am even more excited then a normal person! =)

Today I got a Tweet from My FAVORITEST blogger friend ever Gaby... I don't know her well but I read her blog every day, she has really good reviews of really nice products that are common or that you have never heard of...which I really like learning about new products so its great.She believes in cruelty free and she's Canadian! Her pictures on her blog are so nicely taken always, they look really professional as well as she will give you the flat out truth on a product so there is no guessing! FOR SURE check out her blog if you enjoy reading a good blog!

SOO back to the news! She had a Voda Swim suit giveaway and i WON!!!!!!!!!!! =) =) =) I don't have too many things I have won in my life... if there are they were small so I am not remembering so this is super rad that I won! Now I MUST GET IN SHAPE to wear it =)

There were so many nice swim suits it was really hard to pick one out... But i decided to go with the:

Whatca think?


Now I can ditch my $15 Super Store bathing suit lol

What is the best thing you have ever won??

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  1. Awww I'm so happy you won hun, you deserve it so much! Thanks for the shoutout, I really appreciate it! Be sure to post about the swimsuit when you get it, I'd love to see it (:

  2. @Gaby- thank you!:) and hey I'm just telling it like it is.. Everyone should read your blog!! I will do a post as soon as I get it!!

  3. @ Priscilla- thank you!! :)

    @Cerina-thank you!! :)

  4. awe congratulations girl! its about time eh? haha ;-)


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