What oh What...

9:04 PM

I told myself I would run inside Shoppers Drug Mart quickly today...I might have been quick but I shouldn't have picked up the fricken basket so I can fill it up..... =/

Here is what I got:

*Glow Magazine
* Chatelaine Magazine(this is the subscription in the mail my sister got me =) but i thought i'd throw it in )
*Cosmopolitan Magazine
*Nivea Essential
*LaCoupe Volume Style Mousse
* LaCoupe Overnight Repair Miracle Mask

I haven't tried either of these LaCoupe products so I am interested in how they will turn out. The mousse is an alcohol free mousse so maybe that will be less drying on my hair?

My weekly supply of Monsters! They were on sale 2 for $5 and I got the orange one for a friend, I owed him one.

What was the latest thing you picked up when you were just running in quickly but ended up buying a couple things?

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  1. I started reading this Cosmo issue and love it, Rihanna is gorgeous (:

  2. My husband doesn't believe me when I say I just need to run in somewhere. Everytime even if we are grocery shopping,or at the petstore I am looking at something else other than what I came in for heheh

  3. I ran into the drug store last night for diet coke and came home with 4 on sale nail polishes (they were 75% off) and some chocolate. :-)
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    Jayme (& Mendi) @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. i hate when i do that. i usually do this at the grocery store. i tell myself i havent' got tons to get but i end up buying more than i should've

  5. @Gaby- I know it is unreal how pretty that girl is, no matter how her hair or make up is she always looks good

  6. @mrsmakeup- lol that seems to be my problem too! That's why you gotta go shopping solo and they won't notice what you buy ;)

    @Jayme and Mendi- ooo chocolate and nail polish is always a good thing to pick up especially if it's on sale :)

    @ Dirt on the Rocks- I know hey, it's fun but the bank account doesn't like it :(

  7. I love randomly going to the store! lol Love your blog follow mine and I'll return the favor! beautybarbie16.blogspot.com


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