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10:47 PM

I absolutely love these posts!! I have been wanting to do one for a while since I practically love everything on this site and every post I have seen with pictures from WEHEARTIT .
I wish I could be covered in tattoos! Some people cringe when I say that or think why would anyone want to do that? WELL let me tell you :) if you get good tattoos that are done nicely then they look good right? If you aren't 100% comfortable in your skin and you feel more confident with beautiful art work on it then why wouldn't you want too? I have always said the thing I like the most about myself (appearance wise) is my tattoos and I feel much better with them on me then I would without.it just makes me feel like me.

So here are a few of my favorite WEHEARTIT tattoo pictures.

Fan of inking up your body or keeping it bare?

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  1. Nice! I am a fan of tattoos... I do not have any because I change my mind alot! haha and I want to make sure what I want is what I want

  2. I love this post! everything is like eye candy =)

  3. @Themisstwist-yes yes make sure you know what you want before you get it!!

    @MakeupMajesty- haha that would have been a good title for the post =)


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