JuNe RaNdOms

7:48 PM

 June has been RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN.. I do like Rain but it just reminded me when I lived in Seattle and I didn't overly like the rain every day. 
This post is just some random June pictures... 

June should be good long boarding weather but this year so far it has really sucked! Boots was testing my board out.
Chicken looks ridiculous, I couldn't get a decent picture of him

Chillin in the messy closet

I was in the Relay for Life this year and it RAINED most of the night (it's 7pm-7am walk) I'm not gonna lie it sucked, it was so freaking cold I had my mits and toque on! My team ended up raising over $5000!! so that was really awesome!!

Monster supply for the Relay for Life.. I surprisingly only drank 1! I brought some for my team that's why I have soo many

It rained so much that I couldn't get a good shot of the luminaries once they were lit but here is what I have. Some previous years they have laid some of the luminaries on the ground to spell HOPE but this year they had them around the path and on this sign.

On of my favorite summer drinks!
I'm pretty much know as the Monster rep of my city... I can convert anyone who likes other energy drinks into liking Monster! My one friend at work was so addicted to Red Bull until I started there... now his mirror is covered with the stickers.. I thought it looked kinda neat.( he has a cab on his truck so he can't see out of his mirror anyway)

My First Red Velvet cookie thingy from Star Bucks SOOO GOOD!!!!

This is my weird sense of humor but I found it funny to walk through the parking lot at Walmart and see a pair of shoes lol

My Awesome Hem job with staples!
Awesome Monster bike!

My Job seriously has the LONGEST DAYS EVER!!!! but I only have 7 more days there...

Just a random Pic of my stars if you can see them..

That was my June Randoms... I don't usually take pictures of people to put on my blog, not a lot of people know I have a blog so I can't really put them up on here so they are just random things that I seem to be taking pictures of lol.

What was your favorite June memory that you caught on camera?

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  1. Such a cute idea! I love how u included beer in a post lol

  2. aww, you kitties are so cute ^_^

  3. Great post, loved seeing all of you pictures! Your kitties are too cute!

  4. I like these kinds of posts from you! Keep em coming! haha

  5. You are so lucky!! I wish we had rain over here! There's been tooooo many fires! :-O

    Jeez that's a lot of Monsters haha

  6. @Mercedes- haha you know me and my BL! =)

    @Cocovanilla- Thank you =) they are pretty freakin cute!!

    @Miranda- Thank you!I think they are so cute because they act so crazy sometimes, they get into EVERYTHING... I guess kinda like a kid?

    @TheMissTwist- I didn't know if this would be a lame post but I love pictures so why not!

    @Vintagemakeup-They are hey? They take after their fathers looks ;)

    @Cerina-That's terrible =/ Better too much rain sometimes then not enough..haha yes yes it is a lot but it didn't last me too long

    Thanks for checking out my picture post =)

  7. what cute kittys!!!! following your blog now, here's my makeup blog if you're interested...



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