Joe & Shoppers Drug Mart Mini Haul

9:38 PM

I have been eying the products at SuperStore from the line Joe for a while now and I haven't actually bought anything that comes to mind from this line, but always wanted too. I haven't been at SuperStore for a while but I had to run in there the other day and here is a couple things I picked up to try.

The picture is a little crappy but it was a nice set up.There were too many ppl in my way!

I forgot to mention that Joe is a Canadian line, it was created by Joseph Mimran who also has developed many successful fashion labels including Alfred Sung, Club Monaco and Caban, and he contributes to the Pink Tartan clothing collection.

*Bonnie Bell- Eyes shadow stick - 14K Gold-$5
*Joe Lip Stain - Sheer Pink-$6
*Joe Fine Tip Liquid Liner -Black (I have tried to get this for months and months and they actually had it in stock I was really surprised)-$6
*Joe Lip Gloss in Fresh Glass- $6

They aren't overly expensive for make up products and I have heard positive things from different reviews so we will see how they are!

*Montagne Jeunesse Sauna Masque-$2


Shoppers Drug Mart:

* L'oreal - Total Repair Replenishing Detangling Care -$5
*Jergens Ultra Care-$4 (on sale)
*Cover Girl Wet Slicks - on sale two for $6

*Gauva Splash
*Raspberry Splash

* Arm and Hammer Spin Brush $8- I also had a coupon for $1 off

That is my mini haul that I spend more than I had expected too but hopefully its worth it! I haven't tried any of these except the Jergens & Montagne Jeunesse Mask so i am eager to see how everything is!

Have you had a chance to try any of these?

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  1. No I haven't tried any of these we don't have Joe here I don't think I have ever seen it.
    Love the lipglosses you got!Very summer time colors. I am curious about the Loreal detangler,I dont think I have seen that particular packaging or item yet!

    Love your hauls!

  2. Great Haul! Haven't tried any of these...Love the color of that Joe lipstain. Wish we had that here!! The wetslicks colors are so pretty too.

  3. @mrsmakeup- I love that line of L'oreal products! for drug store stuff they are really fricken good!

    @Miranda-The lip stain is so pretty! Maybe there is something similar where you are? The states usually has EVERYTHINGGGG

  4. Great haul! I look forward to review or swatches of these :)

  5. nice;) agree with you@TEA Loreal Hairline products are amazing,I like them too!


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