BaTh & BoDy WorKs HAUL!!!

6:16 PM

If you are addicted to Bath and Body Works and have a little bit of cash I suggest you go there NOW! They have this crazy sale 50%-75% off signature collection items...You can check out there site HERE to see what kinda stuff they have. 
HOLY CRAP I seriously could have bought the whole store! I was watching a Youtube video and I can't remember who's it was but they had a Bath and Body Works haul and she had the Cotton Candy 3 wick candle so I had to see if they were in Canada yet. I am in love with Cotton Candy anything so I was thrilled to see them there!!!! And they smell AMAZING!!! OMG! I am burning one right now and I never ever want it to run  out!

Everything here was on sale Except the Sweet Pea Perfume on the end.. that was full price. 
In total for everything else I spend just under $75..which I guess it sounds like a lot once I type it out but it was honestly worth it. I wouldn't have went crazy and bought all this if it wasn't all half off...

*3 Wick Slatkin & Co Candles  2 in Cotton Candy. 1 in Lilac Blossom. Sale Price: $11.25 Regular Price :$22.50
* 1 Wick Slatkin & Co Candles. 1 in Dark Kiss and 1 in Pineapple Orchid. Sale Price: $ 6.25 Regular Price: $12.50
* Cooling Mist in Deep Aqua. Sale Price$ 3.50 Regular Price $14.00
* Triple Moisture Body Cream in Vanilla Berry. Sale Price: $6.25. Regular Price: $12.50
*Intense Moisture Body Butter in Sweet Pea- Sale Price $5.00. Regular Price $6.00
*Home Fragrance Oil in Sweet Pea. Sale Price $4.00. Regular Price $7.50
*Body Cream in Enchanted Orchid.Sale Price $6.25. Regular Price $12.50
*Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Twisted Peppermint (my fav!) Sale Price $1.38. Regular Price $5.50
Lastly My Full Price purchase was:
*Sweet Pea Perfume for $34-I thought it was $24 and didn't realize it until I got home, that is a little bit expensive and I probably wouldn't have purchased it if I double checked the price.

Nap TIme! Chicken was tired from playing in the shopping bags and clawing the paper that they wrapped the candles in =)

What is your favorite Bath and Body Works Item? OR something Similar to that store if you do not have one in your country?

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  1. You bought some awesome stuff. I love when B&BW has their sales! My favorite thing to buy there are definitely the Slatkin & Co candles. My favorite scent right now is Juicy Nectarine but I really love Frosted Cupcake!

  2. Wow great haul & awwww cute cat!!

  3. love your haul! love that your cat looks like he is thinking "Not another haul" heheh

  4. @Joann-frosted cupcake!!!! Wow I haven't seem that I bet it smells so delicious!!! :)

    @Vintagemakeup - thank you he is my lil massive baby :)

    @mrsmakeup- haha Chicken totally is thinking that but he also loves to play in my bags and crap from my hauls :)

  5. Oh I love Bath and Bodyworks. We JUST got some over here. I hate how everything adds up, though. You're like 'oh, that's so cheap! I'll buy 5 of them!' hahahahah :)

    That cat is adorable! :)

  6. @prettyinthedesert- lol totally! I always get too much especially with the sales! And thank you he is my lil baby :)

  7. Amazing haul! The Cotton Candy candles must smell sooooo yummy! I have never bought anything from B&BW, much too expensive for my budget ):

  8. @Gaby- omg I want to eat them! So good! You gotta hit the sales and its worth it..especially the candles! =)


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