REDKEN Extreme Cat Review

5:27 PM

Damaged hair? Over dyed? Too Much Heat? This is a product you might want to try if you have any of those problems. 

I bought this almost a month ago and I must say i FRICKEN LOVE IT. 
This is a protein reconstructing treatment for distressed hair. I have been using deep conditioner for EVER and I guess I just didn't realize that maybe the problem isn't just the outside of my hair it might be the inside of my hair... This CAT treatment works to help repair the hair on the inside, while deep conditioners work on the outside. I think this is great to use a couple times a week as well as a deep conditioner to get your hair healthy.

After the first time I used this i seriously noticed a difference in how soft and how much body my hair had. It was so soft that I actually had to put some extra product to give it some texture. I have been using this on a regular basis and I have had a couple compliments on how shiny my hair looks. This product also states it will help with body and shine so I think it has been due to this product. 
The cons of this product are the price. $22 for this tiny bottle is a lot of money but we will see how long it lasts. 
This is soo hard to spray when your hands are wet and you are trying to spray this all over your hair in the shower. They need to redesign the bottle.

Have you tried this product or any other protein treatments?

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