CAT IT Water Dish Review

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*****OK UPDATE*****

I went back to Petland to return this and was just talking with the lady there about how i was slightly disappointed as it leaked all over.... I explained to her the story and blahh blahh. I showed her the piece that I was thinking was causing this and she said she actually has this bowl and this wasn't the first return- the tabs were broken right off! So she swapped it for another one and assured me that this should fix the problem. I took it home cleaned it all out and tested it... IT WORKED! 2 days later the water is still in the bowl =) so I just had one with a broken part!
Now I would recommend this product because it actually does what it says. My cats were a little hesitant with drinking out of it at first but now they are getting the hang of it.

Saturday always seems like a good day for shopping and since today is Saturday it was a good shopping day!
BUT I couldn't find anything,whenever I really want to go shopping I can never ever find anything. I found a couple tank tops, a ring, some socks and a couple of little things for my niece! hah nothing too exciting. 
I stopped by Petland and thought I would pick up a new water dish for my kitties and I always buy them the running water fountains because they really like drinking from the tap so it's kind of the same deal. They didn't have the kind I previously bought but they had a different kind so I thought I would give it a try....

CAT IT'S Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain

So the idea is the water just continuously flows kind of fountain like as it filters and keeps it cold.
I was excited once I got it all washed and set up, the cats were interested. Their old bowl broke a couple weeks ago so they wanted a new one (yes my cats are high maintenance). I plugged it in and was just going to test it out when water LEAKED EVERYWHERE! The whole fricken thing was pooling everywhere all over my counter. I cleaned it up took it apart and tested it again. The same thing happened! So needless to say I did not try it a third time... It's going back to Petland tomorrow! I was pretty disappointed for $45(so expensive I know, but i had a gift card) that this thing couldn't even hold the water in side it. 
I would not recommend this to anyone, the design is nice but it only makes sense that the water will pour out since the base is not completely sealed.

I hope that wasn't too boring but maybe just maybe I have a reader who is a cat lover? =)

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