*BeInG ThAnKfuL TaG*

10:00 PM

I know is has been going around Lot in the blog world lately but I do apply it in my everyday life and have for years.I just thought I would have my be sappy moment =)
I am just thinking of all the bad things that have happened to me or to people in my life and man does it just get you down. The last two years of my life have Been the hardest and made me realize even more how lucky I am even though some days I just don;t feel like it.
Today I had a very important person in my life Shari pop in on her way to work and bring me a MONSTER !!! For no reason and made my crappy day into a kind of good day.. And it made me realize how lucky I am to have her in my life :) so thank you!! ... If you or ANYONE actually even reads this poor lil lonely blog :'( lol . You are always there for me and you are an amazing friend :)

Maybe this should be *BeInG ThAnKfuL TaG*?? Who's in? I tag everyone who reads my blog! ah crap so I tagged like 2 people, hmmm well i tag all my followers and if they read this then they will know they are tagged =) and I tag anyone who stumbles into this tag!  comment below and then I can check out your posts =)

Do you have a wonderful friend in your life that can make your day?

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  1. Hey girly!

    I'm not one for blog tags, but will say that this is how I was raised & part of my daily walk in life.
    It doesn't take much of anything for me to be satisfied in general & "things" don't do it for me (fun, yes, but albeit temporary). I mean honestly true peace & happiness, can it really be found external of ourselves?
    If we never have instances of peril, how could we appreciate where we are in our lives, what that encompasses & who we share it with?

    Thanks so much for putting the reminder out!

    Ps: I tried 3 x's today to comment to this post, but for some reason I kept getting booted to a error msg. =(

  2. @Facefab, that was great! And most of it does start with ourselves so that is good :) thanks for your post!


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