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4:25 PM

I have a couple new products I am testing and so far so good... here they are :

 * CLEAN&CLEAR Makeup dissolving foaming cleanser. I have been using a lot of clean&clear products lately and liking them. I can't remember who had this in their YouTube video but when I saw the video I knew I had to try this since I do like their eye make up remover. This was $5.99 at Zellers and it is just a foamy makeup removing cleanser. It removes my waterproof mascara so that's all I really care about.

*The next is HARD CANDY'S SHEER ENVY Tinted Moisturizer in color fair.
This is a great product for light coverage, I don't like to have a bunch of foundation on most of the time and this is a good way to even your skin out without much on. I do find it looks a little shiny once it goes on but it does dry matte. I use a little bit of powder after I apply this to even out any shine. This was around $7 at Walmart

*I would try a new mascara every fricken day if i could and I haven't tried much from Physicians Formula but This Organic Wear caught my eye and I thought i would try it. This is a natural mascara without extra added crap.This is free of harsh chemicals,synthetic preservatives, parabens,fibers and dyes. It claims there is no clumping with this kind of formula. I have used this twice now since I bought it and I am not too sure how i like it.

This is the brush.. It is pretty short and fat so it is hard to get in the corners of the eye and I found it hard on the lower lash line . It has the rubbery bristles on the wand.

The picture isn't the best but I couldn't get my phone to focus really well but you get the idea.This is a fairly Matte black, the color is Ultra black but it doesn't give me jumbo lashes like the package says =/

*Lastly is Bath & Body Works DARK KISS triple moisturizing shower cream. Love this scent.. MY Mama actually bought me this too.. and I love it, it is super thick and leaves your skin feeling soft with such a nice scent =)

Do you have any new products you have recently bought that you are loving?

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  1. Let me know how you like the Hard Candy product!I have some Hard Candy stuff just no foundation or tinted moisturizers

  2. @Mrs.Makeup- I will try to use it for like a week straight and see how it likes my skin since some of these products Ive heard break some ppl out..hopefully not me!!


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