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Have you heard of Birch Box before? I only heard about it maybe 4 months ago and I fell in love with the idea... I did a quick blog post about it previously but I think no one was reading this at that point lol but I will quickly tell you in case you have never heard of it before. You can sign up with this company for around $10 a month and receive up to 5 high end beauty samples and you can get this service for just a 1 time trial or sign up for a year, kinda whatever you like. Long story short I wanted to get this because you can test out the products without buying a full size one and save some $$ - Now the bad part is they do not ship to Canada! I have contacted them twice to see if they have changed that but up to this point they have to many boarder issues and i don't see it being resolved anytime soon.
I had commented on MissGlamorazzi 's video and someone had commented back saying to check out Loose Button since it is a Canadian kind of Birch Box. So I went to the site and it looked pretty cool...I had signed up to receive and invitation since this isn't fully launched just yet but I never signed up... 
I was reading Productrater 's  Loose Button Box that she had blogged about and decided I should sign up. 
So now I wait! Their web site said they would be sending the next box out on May 9th so I have a ways to go. I signed up for 3 months, just to give it a shot and it was $32. Hopefully it will be worth the money. I love ordering things online and getting the package in the mail so I think it will be worth it!The box they package it in is really cute too. I will blog about it when I get it!
Do you have Loose Button or Birch Box?

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  1. Hey girl! I have Birchbox and am loving it!!! :) I am hoping Loose Button starts shipping to the US soon! :) I am sure you are going to totally love it! :)

  2. @Pammy ohhh right you are one of the lucky ones! I forgot that you had it.. hopefully they will ship to the US too.. I will be watching to see what you get in yours next! then I can see which is better! =)

  3. YAY for signing up for LooseButton! Can't wait to get my second one next month! Love your blog too girl


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