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OKAY so the winner that I pick from the 2 AUSSIE products would for sure be the 3 minute Miracle..
This was $3.99 at Zellers (wanna be crappy Target) and it is well worth the money, if you are looking for an inexpensive deep conditioner and like the coconut smell this is something you will enjoy. It has a really easy to use bottle, ( not that regular bottles are difficult but) you just squeeze the bottle and it comes out of the end,no removing the cap, not pumps so I think that's handy. The smell wasn't too strong but I could smell it in my hair through out the day faintly, but was not over powering at all. This did not weigh my lame fine hair down either.
When my hair feels really dry like lately I put the conditioner in my hair after I get my hair wet, then i wait a few minutes then I shampoo and apply the conditioner to my ends again. That might sound like a lot of steps or more product but my hair is crazy soft after and I don't do that every time.
I would for sure repurchase this again-if I can find it. Why I didn't just buy 2 I have no idea ;) next time!

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