Lust for Lush....

7:43 PM

I recently went to visit my mom in her new house, and I had been helping her pack and move the past few weeks and she surprised me with an awesome box of Lush stuff for a thank you! =)
Check the out...

I got too excited so i ripped it open and didn't even get a picture of the pretty wrapping...

SAKURA Bath Bomb is a cherry blossom with a light scent of mimosa,jasmine and orange blossom. Smells super delicious!!

MELTING MARSHMELLOW MOMENT LUXURY Bath melt, this is a delicious marshmellow melt with a ton of moisturizing coco butter.

Next is the RUB RUB RUB SHOWER SCRUB.. This has a stronger scent that I can't even describe it fully but it is described as a tropical flower scent.It grows on you, at first it was alright but now I am really liking it!This also says it can be used as shampoo but I don't think I want a scrub in my hair..

HELPING HANDS is a wicked hand cream, this instantly makes your hands feel soft and healthy.It has calming chamomile and moisturizing almond oil with a scent that doesn't linger for too long on your hands.This is great for people who hand sanitize too much!

GORGEOUS Moisturizer ,This face moisturizer nourishes,protects and rejuvenates your skin.It says it is for all skin types so everyone can enjoy! This kind of has a funky smell to it, certainly not anything I would say is a good smell, but it works so that's all that matters.

That was my newest bunch of  lovely Lush products from my mom =) -Thanks mom if you are reading this!
Has anyone tried any of these?
What is your favorite Lush Product??

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  1. that is awesome go mommy! I haven't had the luxury of trying any Lush products unfortunately. :-( No lush near by for me! haha Good post loves it! <3

  2. nice stuff. I haven't tried too many things from lush, currently loving their roma water, it's a nice toner.


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