FAvOriTe ApPS! Part 1

12:44 PM

I have been trying to figure out what is the best apps out there that are worth mentioning. There are SO MANY and i am constantly downloading all the free ones that look decent. Here are a couple top favorite apps I have, and I would LOVE to hear your favorite apps as well!

1-Angry Birds- I bought this for 99cents about 8 months ago and since then they have had holiday updates for free or for another 99 cents and since I was absolutely addicted to this app I bought the upgrade once. This app has so many levels and it has updates so even when you beat it there will be new ones soon enough-SO worth the 99 cents!!

2-This one is something that I find humorous, It is iFatFace, it is funny because it is pretty unrealistic and my little niece taught me to move the mouth and nose around on it so your face just looks crazy once it has created the new picture, so it is pretty funny. This was the free version.

 3-Cam Wow-I just found out about this one. This is a funny one that is great if you need a laugh! I will show you the picture of Chicken I took to kinda show you how it works!

 haha too funny!

 4-iMovie- This was the most expensive app I have purchased it was $4.99 and I am just kind of learning how to use it. You can edit video with this and its pretty easy so far!

 5-Words with Friends- I am so not good at this but I am learning!

 6-This one my is one of the app's my niece showed me. Talking Tom. He repeats everything you say in a cute little voice hah. This was a free app...

I am probably missing a ton of good app's there are SO MANY to choose from. I have so many on my iPod and I just grabbed the ones off my phone that I am using most of the time. What are your favorite apps I would luv to know!

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