Lust for Lush....

7:43 PM

I recently went to visit my mom in her new house, and I had been helping her pack and move the past few weeks and she surprised me with an awesome box of Lush stuff for a thank you! =)
Check the out...

I got too excited so i ripped it open and didn't even get a picture of the pretty wrapping...

SAKURA Bath Bomb is a cherry blossom with a light scent of mimosa,jasmine and orange blossom. Smells super delicious!!

MELTING MARSHMELLOW MOMENT LUXURY Bath melt, this is a delicious marshmellow melt with a ton of moisturizing coco butter.

Next is the RUB RUB RUB SHOWER SCRUB.. This has a stronger scent that I can't even describe it fully but it is described as a tropical flower scent.It grows on you, at first it was alright but now I am really liking it!This also says it can be used as shampoo but I don't think I want a scrub in my hair..

HELPING HANDS is a wicked hand cream, this instantly makes your hands feel soft and healthy.It has calming chamomile and moisturizing almond oil with a scent that doesn't linger for too long on your hands.This is great for people who hand sanitize too much!

GORGEOUS Moisturizer ,This face moisturizer nourishes,protects and rejuvenates your skin.It says it is for all skin types so everyone can enjoy! This kind of has a funky smell to it, certainly not anything I would say is a good smell, but it works so that's all that matters.

That was my newest bunch of  lovely Lush products from my mom =) -Thanks mom if you are reading this!
Has anyone tried any of these?
What is your favorite Lush Product??

Thank You

This Means You! =)

8:31 PM

This is a big thank you to all who have stopped by and read this blog  or even maybe came back a second time and read this blog!
I have been working on this blog since the end of December 2010 and this may sound really minimal to some people but I am thrilled I have 10 people who are actual followers!!=) =) =)
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Maybe they don't all actually read this but I hope someone is! So thank you to whoever is reading this!! It Means a LOT to me! =)
Maybe even one day I will have 11! ;)

Postive Thinking

Need Luck?

9:04 PM

I don't know why,maybe it is because I am focusing on it but the month of March doesn't seem that lucky.My job is super crappy and stressful and some people around me have been having too many crappy things happen in a row and it really sucks.
I am not saying that anything bad or negative is brought on by your thinking,life happens and it can be really bad and really good. I just think there is a better way to deal with some situations with different thinking. It won't work for everything in life i'm sure but I think it will help.
This might be ridiculous to some people but I have read the secret many times and every time I actually attempt to use it in my life it makes it more positive and happy. I am a realist and I see it like it is so maybe some people find me more negative than I should be. BUT I see both sides of every situation...
I am not that great at writing things as you can probably see from the blog but I am trying =)
The secret isn't some weird energy universe thing that some people I hear say,or talk bad about it.It is a positive way of thinking and what is wrong with that??

This isn't a lecture or some kind of cult like thinking. It is just a way to be positive and think that good things will come to you and people in your life!  It is law of attraction. You think good things and good things come to you.You think bad things and bad things come to you.

I tend to follow this way of thinking for shorter periods of time and I get lazy or distracted and stop then I try again and again and again.
SOOO I am trying again! who is with me?

Do you ever notice when you have a bad day everything goes wrong and you get angry or upset all day long? It's because you are thinking negative things and not changing it to positive.
I don't actually have a major success story just yet, hopefully one day I will. But I do know that when I attempt to think that good things will come my way or happen it helps.I have been trying to work on my winning the lottery theory and it isn't working yet..I will not give up!

A couple things to give a try if you are interested in this:

-To attract money focus on wealth.It is impossible to bring more money into your life when you focus on the lack of it

-To use the law of attraction to your advantage,make a habitual way of being,not just a one-time event.

-The creative process helps you create what you want in 3 simple steps:ask,believe,and receive.

What do you think??
What works for you?

angry birds

FAvOriTe ApPS! Part 1

12:44 PM

I have been trying to figure out what is the best apps out there that are worth mentioning. There are SO MANY and i am constantly downloading all the free ones that look decent. Here are a couple top favorite apps I have, and I would LOVE to hear your favorite apps as well!

1-Angry Birds- I bought this for 99cents about 8 months ago and since then they have had holiday updates for free or for another 99 cents and since I was absolutely addicted to this app I bought the upgrade once. This app has so many levels and it has updates so even when you beat it there will be new ones soon enough-SO worth the 99 cents!!

2-This one is something that I find humorous, It is iFatFace, it is funny because it is pretty unrealistic and my little niece taught me to move the mouth and nose around on it so your face just looks crazy once it has created the new picture, so it is pretty funny. This was the free version.

 3-Cam Wow-I just found out about this one. This is a funny one that is great if you need a laugh! I will show you the picture of Chicken I took to kinda show you how it works!

 haha too funny!

 4-iMovie- This was the most expensive app I have purchased it was $4.99 and I am just kind of learning how to use it. You can edit video with this and its pretty easy so far!

 5-Words with Friends- I am so not good at this but I am learning!

 6-This one my is one of the app's my niece showed me. Talking Tom. He repeats everything you say in a cute little voice hah. This was a free app...

I am probably missing a ton of good app's there are SO MANY to choose from. I have so many on my iPod and I just grabbed the ones off my phone that I am using most of the time. What are your favorite apps I would luv to know!



12:25 PM

Here is my problem.... I am looking like this lately and I am not enjoying it! ;)

Summer is creeping up quickly when you think of all the summer clothing that you have to try to squeeze into asap... When I think of that along with trying to be more healthy it makes me want to not only eat better but start exercising more often and keep at it.

Does anyone have the same problem I have where it is just hard to keep at it on a regular basis? I pick out some work outs and days that I will do them on ( if I don't plan it then I won't ever do it) and attempt to keep that schedule and sometimes I last a week or 2 on it but then things get busy or you are to tired one day and just fall out of the routine right? WELL I was hoping that maybe if anyone is interested we could attempt trying to do these things together, like a support system or something? I know me and my lil sis try to motivate each other  but its really hard to keep at it! for me at least..

I was reading the latest Shape Magazine with Vanessa Hudgens on the cover (she looks amazing!) and there is a Kettlebell work out in there that she does and it sounds great.Click here to check it out. I am going to give this one a shot. Has anyone seen it yet?

They also have a couple tips on Sticking to your Routine that I think might be helpful.

What do you guys think? Anyone interested?

Bath And Body Works

~MaRch FaVorItEs~

10:22 PM

Another month has come and gone and more products and things I have enjoyed, here is a few for the month of march...

 Hard Candy-girl next door Volumizing lip gloss in a pretty pink that doesn't really show up on your lips much. Isn't too thick/sticky feeling and I don't know if it is just me but this stuff smells freakin amazing..I was trying to think of what the smell smells like and the best way to describe it is i think it smells kind of like the white tic tacs.

This is Bath & Body Works Carried Away. This just came to Canada I think, I saw it in Vegas in February but couldn't find it until last week here.
To describe this smell, I don't even think I can anymore,it is different but I think it's really good. But this smell is a different kind of smell...I was in the store today and I had showed my sister the lotion of this and said it smells good, her exact words were " It's smells like throw up" LOL which I found pretty funny but I do not think it smells like throw up obviously.You know how sometimes the lotion doesn't smell as good as the body spray? I am hoping this is the case..

Maybelline's Super Stay Concealer is my fist concealer I have bought ever I think other then the hard candy nobody's perfect. I actually really like this for my first liquid concealer, it didn't last 24 hours like it claims but I think it lasted for most of the day so I can't complain.

I have seen a few girls on YouTube with this little makeup sponge and I couldn't find one but I finally did and i must say this is MUCH better then your normal typical makeup sponge thingy. The shape of it is good for around your eyes and nose, it's great!

A Fine haired girls best friend!This is so great to add texture and hold to your hair. I have been using this pretty much everyday since I bought it and it really is almost as good as salon powders.got2b's version is so worth the $7.00. It last most of the day but nothing last's too long in my hair anyways.Def check this out.

Ops i almost Almost forgot this one! Frutis Double Care detangling nourish and shine. This is soo Great when you don't want to spend a bunch on Chi's Keratin's Mist (which I love and have!) but this you just shake up and spray on wet hair and it detangles fairly well. I used to use the kid's Lo'real's hair detangler until I found this. It is also supposed to help with the fading of colored hair...perfect!

I fricken love baths in the winter since it's so cold here and it's way to warm up. This is i love lemon's & limes delicious bubble bath that smells amazing just like the title! 

And the last 2 are my favorites for my house =)
Bath & Body Works had a sale 2 for $25 and it might sound expensive but they usually $22.50 a piece and I only buy them if they are on sale.  

-Lilac Blossom is amazing as it sounds, just a pretty flowery scent 

Pineapple Mango is the best smell in the world, i honestly could eat this candle it smells exactly like pineapple and mango sound, Love this one!!

Sorry this post looks terrible =( and it took SOO long messing around with it and it still looks terrible. Why blogger why are you making me look stupid? lol.

Anyways if anyone actually could stand reading this messy post what were some of your March favorites? or have you tired any of these? Or can anyone please tell me my sister is wrong and it doesn't smell like throw up? ;)

iPad 2!!

5:27 PM

As most people know today the iPad 2 was released at 5 pm today!! I hadn't been overly excited for the first one, i always said well it's just a giant iPod...which yes it kind of is but until I really read up on it or watched the video I didn't realize how amazing it looks! After buying the iPhone 4 I am in love with Apple products! I will never ever ever be without my iPhone, best thing I have ever bought. 
I bet the iPad is wicked for blogging or anyone who is just needing a laptop or something for email and surfing online. Check out the latest Apple iPad Video Here and let me know what you think! Is there any one lucky enough to be able to buy this today?? IF you did how are you liking it?

Body Shop

*SkIn CaRe*

7:21 PM

I could use a million different skin care products, and I usually only buy drug store products as high end ones are too much $ for this girl. I have pretty basic boring skin (which is a good thing I suppose) It is fair and not too sensitive so I don't have to be picky picky with what I try out. As usual I have way too many products that I find on sale and want to try so I have quite a lot to show, here are just a few that i regularly use.

 A few of these are repeats from previous blog posts but I will just quickly mention them
I found a few good sales at Shoppers Drug Mart and Olay was the culprit!I got like 3 or 4 different Olay products for around $4 each, it was a crazy good sale so I had to stock up.

(info from left to right)

-First item is Olay dual action cleanser + pore scrub-this is just a slight scrub so it is good for everyday use

 -Next is my new luv, this is the Body Shop Seaweed deep cleansing facial wash that i use with my "cheapo's Clarisonic" .Love this with the Toner after wards then the mattifying cream/gel moisturizer as well for  light moisture for your face, great for oily skin!

I am still liking the Clean & Clear make up removing wipes. Great price for how well they work, I usually get them for around $5.00 at Superstore

-The Loreal go clean 360 I had bought a few months ago and it was pretty pricey but lasted quite a long time. I used that almost everyday and it had a very pleasant apricot smell-way better then the St. Ives smell. The bottle is so empty that the picture didn't look very good close up =/

-Then if I ever am need a STRONG acne fighting product this is the one that will dry your skin right out!Clean & Clear Persa-gel 5, I believe I paid around $11.00 for this but it will last forever as I am lucky I don't have to use it very often. But this will dry out any spot you need to use it on. It's not a miracle worker but it really helps! If you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend this as it can leave my skin red where I have applied it if I used too much.

-I don't know if it is just me but I always loved the smell of Noxema and when I saw these Anti-Blemish Pads I picked them up. I think these are great for someone who just needs a quick wash on the face with out needing a sink or water... or if you are just feeling a little lazy ;) 

-Lastly I decided to give this Gariner Ultra-Lift (since I am getting Old and wrinkley =(  ) a shot, I think that Gariner is a really good affordable line for anyone who doesn't want to break the bank on products. I have been using this little tube for probably 2 months now,everyday and still have 3/4 left if not more. It doesn't do anything super magical but I would recommend it for a cheaper then the Olay version one.

And I don't actually use all of this everyday, this is just EVERYTHING that I have that I rotate and use random ones on different days, just depends what I feel like using that day =)

Does anyone ever use an aspirin mask? I think I was one of the couple ppl out there who had never heard of it before... in case you are the other person here is a quick blurb about it!

What you need:

Some Aloe Vera Gel (optional)

And good Old Aspirin

And lastly a couple (literally) a couple drops of HOT water!
I use a Styrofoam plate, put 2 or 3 aspirin's on it, put 2-4 drops of hot water,depending on how thick you want it.
Then a pump or so of Aloe. 
Then apply to face (this works as an scrub as well)
Only let sit for a couple minutes so it won't irritate your skin.
Why would anyone want to do this you ask?-that's what I thought til i tried it!Aspirin is  a form of Beta Hydroxy Acids or BHA’s.Are found in many skin creams and work by exfoliating the dull, dead layers of skin, revealing fresh new skin underneath. Over time, BHA’s can help clarify skin tone and promote healing of blemishes.
Excuse the ugly ass plate but I don't overly want to use my plates I eat off for something I wash my face with haha. So this is what it will look like : 
Looks pretty gross but it helps reduce redness and your face is crazy soft after!!

What do you use for skin care products? Anything you would recommend or huck in the garbage?

Bath And Body Works

JusT SaY NO.... To GErMS!!

6:30 PM

I don't know about you guys but I am slightly a germaphobe...i keep hand sanitizer with me pretty much everywhere I go. I have slightly a crappy immune system so I try to wash my hands more often. As well everyone is sick at my work all the time so here are some sweet smelling hand cleaners =)

They are all Bath and Body Works and they were 3 for $5.00.
-Kiss me I'm Irish-a little late for St.Pat's day but it smells good for hand sanitizer
-I love shoes-why yes i do!
-Aqua Blossom
-Citrus Crush
-Pomigranate Passion (yes it's actually spelled like that) This one I honestly want to eat!It smells so freaking good!! Super fruity!

Maybe this is a weird post but I like good smelling things and these are good smelling =)

Bath And Body Works

Lip Gloss Anyone?

8:29 PM

 Who else is a lip gloss girl? I am a complete Lip Gloss junkie, I have them in my purse,my car,my night stand,my makeup drawer,in my coffee table, under my bed,probably every where you look lol. Here are some that I am currently using & Loving!

 Addicted to Bath and Body Works!! This is Dark Kiss and it smells amazing!! It is really glossy and not sticky,love it!

This is another Bath and Body Works Liplicious lip gloss, I have gone through 2 of these in the last 6 months. This one is the summer vanillas and it is a slight vanilla with a hint of berry! Very very good!

The last Bath and Body Works is the mint Vanilla, at first I didn't think too much of this one until my friend actually showed me hers and the smell is amazing! I have used almost the whole tube within a month or so. Love this!

This is Philosophy's Caramel Apple flavored lip gloss. This has such a great smell it makes you want to eat it. It has a slight color to the gloss, high shine and no stickiness. Love this!

Maybelline's shine sensational lip gloss in guava. This is probably my least favorite out of the glosses, it has a slight stickiness to it but not bad. It has a tiny hint of pink and the smell is fairly good! I got this on sale but i probably wouldn't buy it again unless it was a good deal as it isn't as nice as the Bath and Body Works ones.

The next two are the Nivea's lip balm kind of deal. I like to use this one when I find my lips feeling more chapped. It is just a basic lip balm that has a good smell!

 And last but not least Nivea's kiss of shimmer is a nice light tinted lip balm- I am not really sure if they are called lip balms but they aren't glossy so I don't think they are glosses =/

Ahhh forgive the cat hair in my pictures! I usually take the pictures on my kitchen chairs and I ran out of lint rollers and i didn't realize it was this bad =/

Those are my favorites that I have my purse/car over flowing with!What are your favorite lip glosses? 

Monday...aka Blahhday

3:26 PM

                  Does Anyone Else feel Like this Today?
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MinIaUtre LusH BuY(wish i could call it a haul!)

7:08 PM

Who doesn't LOVE Lush products? These handmade cosmetics are for sure my ALL time favorite to buy, I love just looking/smelling everything in the store and i could hang out in there all day. To be honest I don't buy from Lush as much as i would like to since it is pricey. I would be a regular there if it was a little bit cheaper!

My first favorite would have to be the Snow Fairy Shower Gel-This fruity sugary/sweet with a hint of fruit scent is DELICIOUS!! I only have the smaller bottle but i would use this every day for ever if i could!

Has anyone tried the bubble bars? This is my second bubble bar from Lush and i Love them as well! It is a need idea so 
there is less packaging you just get this bar the you can crumble in your bath and it turns into bubble bath.The only down side is i actually find it hard to crumble this bar rather then pour in some bubble bath, but it smells amazing.This one is Creamy Candy bubble bar-very nice smell of sweet candy!

Here is the Shimmy Shimmy massage bar-Very shimmery! I got this in a set with the body wash. 
And the Pink Star soap, i'm actually not sure what this one is called =/ 

What are your favorite Lush products?


Clairol Nice 'N Easy Colorblend Foam Dye Review

6:43 PM

I was in much much need of getting my hair done,and since I am trying to save some money i used the new foam dye from Clairol.It was SOO much easier then regular dye, it took me probably half the time that it would regularly take me. The whole application took under 15 minutes-(minus the processing time) maybe I am slow but it normally takes me a good half an hour or so to fully dye my hair. I do usually use the creme dye and use a little  brush to make sure I get everything-not needed with this product.It is very easy to get every inch of your hair.



When i do dye my hair I usually put a small layer of Vaseline around my hair line and on my ears so if I do get dye on my skin it won't stain very much if at all with this trick.You can also use lotion or conditioner if you don't have Vaseline.

Here is what comes inside the box.The formula, activator , pump and 2 packets of conditioner, they are smaller but at least you get a few uses out of them.

After i shook the formula and activator together it got soooo foamy, then i attached the pump and squeezed the bottle to get the product out, it was actually a little bit runny , so I had to squeeze it directly on my hair. It did seem to thicken up after a few minutes, maybe I just needed it to sit for a bit before I started using it. This was just so easy to use I would recommend trying this to anyone who does their own hair at home and doesn't have access to salon dye. 

This product needs 25 minutes to fully process on your hair, there are no drips with this while you are waiting. I have medium length hair that isn't very thick but I had tons of this left over, so for you who have long thick hair you could probably get away with only needing one box. I would for sure buy this again, it is my first time using Clairol so i hope the color doesn't fade to badly but for only $6.00 it was well worth it!

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