How to Stop Procrastinating

12:01 AM

Can you believe I have been putting off this post for a while? Shocking I know. 
Procrastination is one of my key qualities, sadly I cannot use it on my resume!

Here are a couple tips I use when I am feeling overwhelmed, too busy, exhausted or lets be real just plain lazy!

I know what I would be thinking if I was reading this post… DON’T YOU EVEN SAY WRITE A TO DO LIST!!!!! I HATE when I am told to write the to do lists, I personally don’t find them overly helpful because they just don’t end. So what I like to call them is my “When I Get To It”.
I know I know it sounds like more procrastination but it works best for me, maybe it’s a little reverse phycology so I don’t feel like I HAVE to than I am more open to doing it, I don’t really know, but I will stick with it.

I start with a small “When I get to it list”… Biggest priority first is best with myself, then add a couple little things that I know I can do and if you want to add more then that’s just an extra bonus. Some of you reading this might think I am nuts, lazy or have ten kids?! I am not trying to have excuses but I have bad insomnia, work 10-11 hour days, attempt to have a life and everything in between so I am just BEAT so 3 things some days feels like a joke and I will not lie I don’t complete them always.

Another that works for a tired soul, is when you come home from work (or where ever your day has taken you) instantly do one thing, just one. Sometimes even daily tasks when you are running on minimal sleep/energy are extremely draining but if you can complete something small before you sit down for a minute you will be thankful you accomplished that.

I try once a week to do something I REALLY dislike doing on a weekday after work even though I am just begged but then it free’s up more weekend time to “When I Get To It” things or FUN!
My least favourite thing to do since money isn’t overflowing in my life is grocery shopping, so I will make a point to grab some items after work before I head home so I don’t have to on weekend.

Another handy tip (using this at the moment!) is to PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!!! This is huge! I get a lot more done when I am not texting, tweeting or playing on Instagram. Turn up some music if it helps and just get it done!

Don’t commit to too much. I know I am childless so it is a little different but there are so many things to do that just make a person like myself get too overwhelmed and just don’t even do it. So try to keep it simple when possible.

Ask for help, if you have a significant other and are anything like me you never ask for help, DO IT! Just something small, you may be surprised how they are okay with helping you. If you are single you may have a close friend or family member to be able to help. With this said they are also able to help keep you accountable for things if you are really struggling. Don’t feel bad it happens to all of us!

Remembering how crappy I feel when I leave everything until the last moment is a helpful tip for me, I just feel lazy or something when I am leaving the task so it just doesn’t get done or done poorly. Try to remember how much better it feels once you’ve accomplished it.

I have a Fitbit, so I set little alarms for certain things that I know I will forget. So if it is important my wrist will vibrate giving me that little push I need. Seriously helped me not miss a weekly work meeting I was late for twice, ugh that is never good! Set your phone too!

When you are done: ENJOY THE EXTRA TIME FOR YOU!!!!

These maybe common sense tips, but sometime’s hearing them from someone else then just your own thought’s actually helps.

So, if you didn’t want to read all that above, to sum it up:

Biggest/Difficult tasks first
Minimal “When I get to it” List
Do not commit to too many things
Ask for help/be held accountable
Remember your conciseness if you put it off for too long
Set an alarm/Reminder
Turn off any distractions

Oh and remember… ;)

What are your favourite Stop Procrastinating Tips you have?? I would love to hear!!

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