PRO: VOKE Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo Review

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"Introducing a UK leading brand - Pro:Voke Touch of Silver is the ultimate hair care range for blonde bombshells and silver vixens. Our professional-quality products are formulated to care for and brighten your blonde, grey and white hair. 

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver is specially formulated to revive lacklustre locks and give fantastic shine to hair. The best kept secret for blonde, white and grey hair, Pro:Voke Touch of Silver leaves locks looking bright, gorgeous and glowing with health.  This superior collection uses Violet (purple) pigment to neutralize yellowing, fading and dullness, Optical Brighteners to deliver radiant results and Sunflower Seed Extract to protect colour. A potent blend of conditioners, moisturize, soften and add sparkle to lacklustre hair. Use this full 3-step regime for super sleek radiant hair.

Twice a Week Brightening Shampoo: This colour correcting shampoo works to neutralize yellow tones. Two applications a week is enough to keep brassiness at bay. Contains colour violet pigment to instantly revive, lacklustre grey, white or platinum blonde hair.
Daily Maintenance Shampoo: Its gentle formula cleanses and protects hair against fading & dullness to help maintain silver tones in-between washes. An Optical Brightener optimises reflected light to instantly boost shine, while Sunflower Seed Extract and UV Absorber help to safeguard your colour.
Daily Conditioner: Keep hair colour rich and protected with this creamy daily conditioner. Its protective formula helps repair dry, damaged hair by infusing extra moisture to give hair an improved smooth, silky texture. Enriched with Sunflower Seed Extract and Optical Brightener to restore silver tones.
Intensive Treatment Conditioner: The NEW intensive rinse out conditioning treatment is the perfect accompaniment to Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo to help repair dry, dull and damaged hair. This Intensive Treatment has Sunflower Seed Extract and Keratin to condition and protect, while also leaving hair with an exceptional shine!”

This was interesting to read about as I have never been a blonde or had to do this kind of maintenance on my hair to keep brassiness at bay. So I needed to bug someone to hep me out with this….

FINALLY I get to hear feed back on this product! I have seen it floating around online, on Twitter and other blogs I had read but I don’t have blonde hair and shockingly my friends are brunettes or dye their hair black so this took a little effort to get done!
My little sister lives in another province but she has blonde and pink hair so I did see her this summer and asked her to do a review on this for me.
It took a little longer since it was summer, and a lot of things have been going on but here it is! I did it a little differently this time, more like me asking her questions, let me know what you guys think of how this is written!

1-Did you like the packaging? Yes, I did find it appealing, and it stood out more then just a white typical bottle

2- How did you find the smell? Did you like it? I didn’t love the smell but it wasn’t offence by any means. I never find the shampoo smell stays in my hair either way so it wasn’t anything I would really notice

3-How well did this work for removing any brassy tones from your hair, Did you notice a big difference? I did! My hair was quite brassy looking before I used Pro:Voke but after using it 2-3 times I found it made  the blonde a lot cooler in the tones and that is what I was looking for.

4- How many uses did you get from the bottle? Approximately 8 ( I have super super thick hair)

5-Would you purchase Pro:Voke touch of silver brightening shampoo? Absolutely! It is hard to find a good quality purple shampoo that actually works.

6-Did the Shampoo effect any fading with the pink that is in your hair? No it did absolutely nothing to my pink. My pink is permanent but it did not fade the colour in any way.

7-Did you notice any change in the texture of your hair? No I didn’t find any change either way.

8-Would you recommend Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo? I would 100% recommend to anyone who is looking for less brassy looking blonde. I would even like to compare this to Joico’s purple shampoo.

Since I don’t have blonde hair,currently pink but after hearing her answers I would most likely purchase this if I ever go blonde. 

I have tried to get a photo but as I am no where near her I haven’t had any luck yet :(

Def give this a try ladies!

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, this does not effect my honest opinion of each product.

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