Personalized Monogram Ring

1:15 PM

I REALLY wanted to post this before the holidays but things were so busy and I was working extra hours so I just had no time. I had actually ordered some gifts for Christmas super late, shocker shocker and they still haven’t came in yet… Maybe some of you are like me and have done the same or maybe are having a late Christmas or just in the mood to give! 
I think these are super cute and a nice way to personalize a gift that could be ordinary if you aren’t careful. 

I instantly fell in love with this ring! Thinking of gift giving it to myself! ;) It isn’t too fancy for me but I find the design very pretty and I see my initials fitting well! :)

I was scrolling through Getnamenecklace in their ring section and this birthstone one is PERFECT for my mom! She lives a in another town then me but I could surprise her with this and she would be super happy! You can’t go wrong with birthstone rings.

I was really surprised as well that they’re pricing is very reasonable as well as there is a promo code going on right now so that’s the time to buy you guys! :D 

I have been looking around the site and there is actually quite a few different products to choose from, necklaces,rings,bracelets even cufflinks! There is a helpful guide on their site for anyone who is hinting towards their boyfriend/husbands to be buying something for someone they know, hint hint!

Let me know what you would pick out if you could pick one wish item from their site!

This post is brought to you by your friends at GetNameNecklace

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