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10:01 PM

With the holidays coming up we are all stressing out and trying to save money and online shopping makes that SO MUCH easier, honestly I don’t plan on leaving my house to do any shopping this year, I am going all out online!

I recently have been wracking my brain to find my niece a Christmas gift as it was just her birthday and that was hard enough on its own! I ended up finding a little idea online and a gift card. So that’s been done, now I need something a little more special. She is my oldest niece so she is old enough for something nice and special from her coolest Auntie ;) I came across these really cool personalized monogram necklaces! How fun for any age really! I think she would really love it, I know I always loved anything with a T on it when I was younger since my full name will never be found on anything I bet.

I have been looking around the site and there is actually quite a few different products to choose from, necklaces,rings,bracelets even cufflinks! There is a helpful guide on their site for anyone who is hinting towards their boyfriend/husbands to be buying something for someone they know, hint hint!

This one would be on my wish list for sure!

Aw this one is so sweet, I would have a C of course for my cat Chicken.

The prices are really reasonable, I may even be able to get a second one for my mom, I could see her really liking that for a gift as well.


Too many choices! I am thinking between these two personalized monogram necklaces for my niece? Which one do you like better? I also see a nice Promo Code until November 26 so that’s helpful!
What do you think?

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  1. Awwwwww how cute, it's a cat shaped necklace! I love it :)


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