Fall Lusts

12:01 AM

Over here, in the part of Canada I live in we really didn’t get much of a fall imo so I thought I would just post a few things from Pinterest that I lust for!

I am so sad it feels like we didn’t have fall, we have had nice weather shockingly but just not the pretty fall scenery, wahhh.

What is your favourite part of fall?

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  1. we did have some pretty scenery but living 30min from downtown Toronto, its not like I see much except for dog parks! :)) I buy lots of stuff in value villages lately, I have found some true gems. and some other second hand stores too! and I have donated a bunch of old bags full of clothes. other stuff I have bought places lately were brandy melville, ae and garage :)

    1. Thats so awesome! I bet it would beautiful! I LOVE fall but it seemed to have faded way too quick here this year, got no photos at all!!! I think I was in Van when fall happened here LOL.
      You know thats what I do hear a lot, I should give it a shot and see if I can find anything! Such a good feeling to get rid of all the old clothes right? Oh nice! I wanna go shopping so badly!!! Feels like it’s been forever wahhhhhhhh

    2. how was the fall in Van? can't wait to experience it, my last fall here thankfully! and now its more and more cold and rainy which I don't mind until it goes below zero, I hate the huge winter jacket which goes practically to my knees! same one for the fifth winter :facepalm:
      I find something in VV often, even if its a cute basic item, for $5 its still great! got a like new topshop coat with fake leather sleeves and silver hardware for $13 like 3 weeks ago!!! that was the best find so far, I think retail was at least $120 plus tax.
      for one donated bag you get 10% off I think, up to 30% off for a single transaction which is great for amount over $60! I got rid of 6-7bags!!! both mine and husband's stuff that we didn't bring to consignment or they didn't want it there. I am crazy, have been to 10 VV's in Toronto only and 4 in Montreal :))) been to one yesterday, going to check out 2 today - one of my stupid hobbies I guess, and when I think I started only like 2 months ago!

  2. I loved the outfits!! The weather here in Greece has been in crazy mode, we alternate between late summer/early fall and winter, some days I have NO idea what to wear lol! xxx


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