Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques Fruit Smoothie and Dead Sea Mud Spa Review

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Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques

"Introducing the new ground-breaking face masques Dead Sea Mud that delivers a unique, enhanced cleansing experience. Specially sourced clays are infused into natural bamboo fabric making deep cleansing your skin quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before - creating a whole new type of face masque, a world's first in face care.
Breathe life back into skin with intensely invigorating & revitalising Dead Sea Minerals. We’ve harvested the oceans nutrient rich Seaweed & Kelp right from the source - A satisfying boost for thirsty skin & then some!
Dead Sea Mud rich in minerals, draws out impurities and opens blocked pores
 Dead Sea Salt known for healing and therapeutic effects
 Seaweed restores moisture levels & revitalizes and firms skin leaving it hydrated and cleansed
 Kelp packed with vitamins and minerals keeping skin nourished & moisturized, it also helps regenerate skin cells and helps with anti-aging"


"Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie Pore Cleansing with crushed Raspberry and Mango Masque. Become a fruity beauty with this fabulously fragrant masque. Bursting with healthy goodness, you will just love the luxuriously rich creamy smell and texture, which leaves skin deeply cleansed and totally fresh. With a mix of five essential fruits, it includes softening mango to unclog pores, crushed raspberry to cleanse, pomegranate, an antioxidant, and hydrating Peach for really soft skin.

All Montagne Jeunesse products are Vegetarian Society approved, Not Tested on Animals and Cruelty Free (BUAV Approved)"

All year long I enjoy doing the super cliche girlie things, spa night by myself, hair and face masques, light the candles have a nice hot bath, some calming tea, how could you not want that?! LOL sounds so typical BUT I don't care I enjoy it, read a good book or a trashy magazine and get a little "prettier" or a little relaxed!

I have been using Montagne Jeunesse Masques for years and years-that's right I am that old! Now I need a pre wrinkle masque LOL.  This is off topic but does anyone ever write a blog post and think they are going to insert an emoji? I always do that, so the LOL it is!

The great thing about Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques are not only cruelty free but they usually always smell amazing! At least all the ones I have tried. You can't beat the prices either, everything I have seen is between $2-$3, well worth it!

This Dead sea Mud Spa Sheet masque isn't my love of my life smell but I enjoyed it. It has pressed sea kelp for that extraordinary cleansing experience! I quite enjoyed it! My skin feels refreshed clean and just glows a little more. The sheet masques always make me feel weird when they are on since they do look a tad creepy not gonna lie lol but its nice to not have to clean up anything!

Okay DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT EAT the Raspberry & Mango masque because it smells that damn good you are tempted! ;) I HEART this one a lot, my skin felt cleaner and I smelt pretty darn good if I do say so myself :)

The great part is they are available at as well as:

Army & Navy
London Drugs
Select Brunet
Select Familiprix
Select Jean Coutu
Select Lawtons Drugs
Select Pharmasave
Select Proxim
Select Uniprix
Select Value Drug Mart

I feel like I have almost tried them all but I have to say a good clay masque is always good, but I do lean towards the fruity yummy smelling ones. What is your favorite Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque?

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, this does not effect my honest opinion of each product.

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  1. I love pampering myself as well with face masks, body scrubs etc, if it makes you feel good then why not? ;) I haven't tried this brand at all, but now I want to! x


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