Inked Vs Loungefly Embossed Skulls Crossbody Bag Review

11:15 AM

LOUNGE FLY Black Embossed Skulls Crossbody Hobo Bag

SERIOUSLY IN LOVE with this bag! I had purchased it in February from inked shop which is a super rad site and I could purchase so many things on there but I really didn't enjoy their customer service. I didn't really realize I should have googled LoungeFly's web site and directly ordered from them as it probably would have been a better experience. 

I am not one to be too picky regarding what I purchase online but this kind of pissed me off. This was a splurge purse for me that I couldn't really afford since I get paid in peanuts ;) but it was just one of those things you HAD to buy and once in a while you need to treat yourself. 
I purchased this bag literally one night at around 10 pm... I looked at it again the next day because I was in love with it and there happen to be a sale that started at 12 am, go figure! So I emailed them and asked to cancel my order, no reply from Inked.. Okay I will survive right? I get my confirmation email stating I will receive a year online subscription of inked magazine which I was stoked for since I love tattoos and I thought that was really nice of them. Of course it didn't work. So I emailed and tweeted and no reply. I send another message from their site and no reply.

A couple months go by and all of a sudden the ENTIRE lining of this beautiful bag is ripped in half- I was choked! even in the nice side compartment. I don't haul around bricks in it so it made no sense. I contacted Inked again and they FINALLY replied and said sorry it is past the 14 days we can't help you. BOO.
I tweeted Loungefly they were very polite and asked me to email them... I did but they said sadly they couldn't help me since I purchased from Inked and not their bad.

SO GUYS! DO NOT PURCHASE from inked unless you are willing to pay for your stuff to be repaired. I don't find it overly fair as I take excellent care of my things and for $65-American, plus taxes and shipping it was a splurge, now I need to pay for the lining to be fixed. I have a ghetto set up with it safety pinned until I do get it fixed.

Not trying to rant, just spreading the word of bad customer service and a sad beautiful bag with an injury ;)

Picture from

SUPER LAME!!! my way of fixing it for now :(

I LOVE the zipper pocket inside as well as the little pockets to store little things in, all in all it truly is a great bag. I really wanted to purchase the wallet to match but now I am a tad skeptical about it =/

I hope anyone reading this has had better luck then me, maybe I just received a defective bag I am not sure?? Anyone else purchase this bag before?

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  1. Dang.
    What a SUPER BUMMER. You'd think someone would've emailed back. TRUST. I've freaky with piss poor customer service & kept on an issue til it was resolved (which took over 4.5 months, btw).
    But there's no way I was gonna let it ride like I usually do bc in my occurrence they banked on me letting it go.
    They thought wrong & finally made it right.
    LOVE the bag btw & too bad inked didn't at least honor their sale price & write you back, smh.

    Ps: the most economical way to get that repaired is at a shoe repair shop or dry cleaner that does alterations.


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