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Famous Stars and Straps Black Friday Discount

1:01 AM

Black Friday is really headed to Canada lately the past few years and I can't help but drool over all the offer's I have in my inbox so I thought I would share my FAMOUS STARS AND STRAPS one with you guys if anyone is interested.

I have been in love with the brand since 99 and always have a few items, okay a ton of items on my wish list.

From the girl that heart's Famous Stars and Straps...check out their deals :D 

Happy Black Friday guys!



Song Obsession!

7:15 AM

I don't know why but this song is on repeat for me....

Bed Of Lies- Nicki Minaj Feat. Skylark Grey

I think it's a really good mix of the two artists... 

The lyrics don't hit home to me at the moment thank fuck but in the past it sure does.

What do you think of this song?

NAIL HQ All in One & Ridge Filler Review

1:01 AM

"Nail HQ All In One Multi Solution Nail Treatment
Nail HQ is a new generation of nail treatments. Our treatment bases are infused with cutting edge technologies found in cosmetics, skin and hair care. Our simple to navigate problem/solution products help you choose exactly what is right for you.
A multi solution product with Argan Oil and replenishing mineral complex. These ingredients help provide the moisture balance necessary to have flexible nails and prevent brittleness and breakage. This formula also contains a unique mineral complex designed to help moisture, condition and strengthen. "

"Nail HQ Ridge Filler Oxygenating Formulation for Thin Ridged Nails
Nail HQ is a new generation of nail treatments. Our treatment bases are infused with cutting edge technologies found in cosmetics, skin and hair care. Our simple to navigate problem/solution products help you choose exactly what is right for you.
Specifically formulated for weak, damaged and thin ridged nails. This smoothing Ridge Filler gives a subtle sheen finish that revitalizes the nail. The formulation gives it unique hydrating, moisturizing and conditioning attributes which will help nails become more flexible, help regulate nail growth and improve the wear of nail enamel by providing adhesion properties."
I did these two reviews together just because it kind if made sense to me,you can use them both at the same time if you wanted too. Or even test one on each hand and see which you think is better for your needs :)

My nails have taken a lot of abuse over the years with all the shop jobs i've had,the polishes,the drying drops and everything in between so I was pretty excited to test these products out. 
NAIL HQ All in One has Argon Oil which I absolutely love and thought if it can do wonders for hair and skin it's got to help the nails right?

NAIL HQ's Ridge filler was really interesting too, although I don't have thin nails that don't grow I still think it could help right?

The All in One applies clear, I use it on clean dry nails. Then wait a couple minutes until fully dry to paint over top or just leave it as a little clear coat and let it work its magic on your nails! This Costs $11.99 which may feel a bit steep if you are cheap but if you have brittle dry nails its well worth the cost! It is available at

The Rige Filler does have a slight tint of pink to it as you apply so I would put a polish over top but its cool to not as well. It's just like applying a nail polish but with great benefits! The price of this one is $9.99 and also available at

I am always super picky with my brushes and I don't overly enjoy skinny long brushes, I feel they should all be short and a tiny bit thicker but it wasn't anything that I hadn't used before so it was fine.


*Helps regulate Nail Growth
*Quick Drying
*Easy Peasy To Use


*Typical chemical smell, but that is nothing we haven't seen before
*The brush, it's not awful by any means but not my favorite

I would for sure purchase the All in One as I feel it would suit my nail needs. I do feel both of these products are exactly what they say and would recommend.

Have you guys tried either or yet?

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, this does not effect my honest opinion of each product.


Latest Empties...

9:20 AM

I'm on a strict NON buying beauty products until I can use up my stock pile...well unless it's something super amazing then ya just gotta right :D But I NEED to save for photography gear, if you are bored take a little look and see if there is anything you like, Xmas is coming up and art is always a great gift: Creative Images
Okay here we go....

Here is a little pile of my latest empties...and my quick opinion.

*Bath & Body Works-Black raspberry vanilla body lotion
Would I repurchase?
OOOOOOOMAAAAAHHHGAWDDD I heart this sent soo much that hell yeah I would repurchase if they still carry it?? It's not moisturizing but daaaymn it smells GOOD!!!

*The Body Shop-Seaweed Mattyifying Day Cream
Would I repurchase?
OH Yah! I enjoy this for my combo skin, love the smell and it a fairly light moisturizer so I quite like it for oily skin.

*Sally Hansen-Brisk Blue
Would I repurchase?
Have like 3 times now haha. It does chip fairly easy but it's cheap and fast drying.. I don't have time to wait so long for my polish to dry..or I just am impatient more like it lol

First things first lets laugh at this shot LOL I am supposed to be a photographer and this is what I come up with bahahahaha, forgive me I haven't slept much lately.

*Bubs Body Happi- body lotion
Would I repurchase?
Hands down this is the best smelling thing in the entire universe. It is a local company around my area, if it is even still going, I remember talking to her and asking her if she would make a perfume and she looked at me like I was nuts. But its super fruity and soon good I wanna eat it.

*GlamGlow- Tingling & Exfoliating Mud Mask
Would I repurchase?
Eff YAH! This is def the best facial mask I have ever used in my life!!! It's just ridiculously expensive but I heart it and will repurchase one day!!! oh and this was a sample so I supposed I will purchase would be more accurate.

*Annabelle EXpandABLE mascara
Would I repurchase?
I would! I enjoyed the dry like formula as well as the brush, it isn't my HG by any means but I def would use it with another mascara :)

*John Frieda- Fine to Full Blow Out Spray
Would I purchase?
NO didn't do anything for me with my fine hair. =(

*Avon's Skin So Soft -Hand polish
Would I repurchase?
I have to giggle about this because I have been hoarding this container and sparingly using it for like 5 years no lie. Its pathetic but its MY FAVOURITE your hands feel AMAZING after and I can't find it anywhere on the Avon site so if anyone can pleeeeeease tell me!  I would repurchase in a heart beat

*Bath and Body Works- Spearmint 2x Moisture & Summer Vanillas
Would I repurchase?
Yes and already have, I kind of only really use these lately, I probably have about ten in my stash at the moment along with the rest of my lipgloss... yeah I do have an addiction!!! 

*St Ives Apricot Scrub
Would I repurchase?
Always do... I know it wrecks your skin and blahh blahh blahh but my face really isn't all that nice anyways so whats the harm ;) lol

Okay guys if I have a reader out there, what is your latest empties and have you tried any of these?Any faves?

Not That Kind Of Girl....

3:27 PM

Not that kind of Girl- Lena Dunham

Okay seriously did this chick take parts of my thoughts-word for word and put them together to write this hilarious book?!? I just started it so I am only in the first few chapters but I find myself relating way too much to her and wonder if others feel that way?

The first line was fucking funny and sounds pretty much like me.

Have you read this book yet? Thoughts?
I cannot wait to get more into it, this chick cracks me right up!

Insert Embarrassed Face Here....

12:10 PM

So I have kind of been a dead beat blogger... I had two jobs for a while with my photography on the side so I barely had time to breath. Then I had some computer issues.... now I think I have a lack of motivation since I think I only have a couple occasional readers...what's the point if it is just for yourself? I mays well just have a private blog then right? LOL

WELLLLLL since the awfulness of winter has arrived so have I!!!!

I hope to see more of you and sorry I have been a dead beat =/

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