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I Love… is an exciting bath and beauty line that prides itself in providing high quality,affordable and delicious products. Their paraben-free bath and shower creams,skin friendly formulations with natural additives, and comes in variety of yummy fragrances! Their line also includes exfoliating scrubs, lotions and fruity spritzers (I will def be buying some of those!)

Strawberries & Cream Bubble Bath has the delicious scent that bubbles up nicely and takes you away from reality even for just a minute while you can relax and feel pampered. I have actually used a few of their bubble baths previously and it's the only brand I buy now since you literally want to eat everything…why wouldn't you want to have that smell in your bath or shower? Leaves you feeling refreshed and gives you a nice start or finish to your day :)
The formula isn't super thick, I don't use too much product as I do have a jetted tub so that always helps with bubbles so I am not sure without a jetted tub with the formula. I find the price really reasonable as well 500mL for $9.99, as well I find this size usually lasts me months.

I Love… Raspberry & Blackberry Body Butter is hands DOWN my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE fruity scent. I have never used their body butters before so when I saw this my eyes grew wide and I knew it would be great.. I opened it up and WOW this scent is incredible to me, I really do understand why they say this is not food LOL Smells damn delicious. It left my skin soft and it didn't feel as thick as some body butters I have used before which I found really nice because I don't overly like thick thick moisturizers since I wouldn't use it daily, but this I can use daily. Leaves you feeling energized and lifts my mood! I would recommend giving this a try! I also find this a lot more reasonable of a price compared to Body Shops body butters, and I kind of prefer this one-at least before the winter months, 200mL for $9.99.

I Love… Cosmetics are exclusively available at Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada! Made in the UK :)

What are your thoughts on I Love…?

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites:


Disclaimer: These products were sent to me to review, this does not effect my honest opinion of each product.

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  1. Woo Hoo! Guess who, LOL!!!!

    Bummerino man...I'd totally check these out if there were stateside!
    Hope you are doing great & see ya soon....

  2. I think I have used up the shower gel/bubble bath as an actual bubble bath since it just didn't lather well enough and I needed tons of product to shower!


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