Just something to think about...

3:57 PM


       Kinda an eye opener.

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  1. I have to recognize the originality of this but I really think it's a bit hypocrite too, especially since it's made by Dove, which tests on animals. You know, they make milion by selling shitty and chemical-full beauty products and then they go tell us that we are more beautiful then we think? It's like that no makeup day... hrm no. Ahahah just my opinion, but I seem to be the only one who thinks like that!

    1. No you make a very valid point and i see your side of it for sure. It is really horrible and sickening Dove does make a stupid amount of money let alone any money from doing what they do. I don't care for the company but i did like the message in this video. I havent heard of the no makeup day but sounds stupid lol


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