Annabelle Expandable Mascara Review

1:30 AM

Call me Miss Mascara. Love it, NEED it, have to have it!! Nothing beats beautiful lashes to me so I was VERY excited Annabelle let me give this a try! 

This mascara isn't your average everyday mascara. It's more complex and offers a 2 in 1, pretty cool huh?

Annabelle Expandable Mascara features a unique polymer brush that changes with the turn of a dial:Expand the brush for maximum volume,retract it for length + definition. Volumizing, lengthening, anti-clumping, separation + defining lashes,fast drying and east to remove with Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. All the volume and length you crave in one mascara!

Dial all the way up

Dial all the way down.

I don't know if it's my horrible eyes or what but at first I couldn't see the brush changing in front of me lol. But clearly you can see the difference in the brushes after turning the dial up and down.

Okay on to the fun stuff....

How good does it actually work.

This formula applies really nicely, I thought it looked more wet but it's pretty dry which helps prevent clumping and holds my curl in my lashes.

The Results:

The Dial turned all the way up
No Mascara|One Coat|Two Coats

The dial Turned all the way down
No Mascara|One Coat|Two Coats

It's not a dramatic difference but I do think the second set of pictures looks more natural. I am sure if you layer on the coats you will achieve more of the mascara look that I adore.

*Drys Quickly
*Holds Curl
*Adds Volume & Thickness
*Nice Packaging
*2 for 1 Product
*Brush isn't poky like some of the plastic type bristles out there
*No Clumps!
*No Flakes throughout the day-that is important!!

*Might be a bit too dry of a formula for me

I actually didn't have anything negative that stood out to me with this mascara, I think it does add a nice amount of volume and with the 2 options it is nice to get either look you are looking for. I personally wouldn't use the more natural look since I love lashes and mascara but I do think this is a unique option in a mascara!

Do you think my lashes stand out with this mascara?

Annabelle is a Canadian company that does not test on animals! That is one of the nicest things most people love to hear.A little nice, a little naughty and lots of style! They have been a part of Groupe Marcelle since 1999. To learn more about new products, info on the company as well all the social media and blog click HERE!

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