Tattoo Etiquette and Questions?

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This is TOTALLY my opinion so if you disagree that's okay, we all have our own =)This is based on my personal experience and knowledge from tattooers I know. I in no way have my masters degree in tattoos ;p

 This post I have thought about for quite a long time and always wanted to write one since I have read a couple in my day and think it is a good idea to talk about. 
I recently had some work done on my arm, a half sleeve and I do have a couple other larger tattoos but this is the first one that people can really see all the damn time so the comments and questions and touching-yes touching comes in more often then one would like.

 The BIGGEST part I want to talk about is that it's easy to sit back and judge, yes I am guilty too.We all are. When you see a tattoo you dislike you might just immediately think what the heck is wrong with that person and what were they thinking?! WELLLLL guess what you may never know. Each person is different and we all have our different styles. So try to just take it as art and it can have never ending different meanings. I PERSONALLY do not think that every tattoo has to have a profound heartfelt meaning. That's just me, call me weird but if it's fucking awesome and I love it I might just want it tattooed on me, I do get grief about this from time to time but if I put my life story on my body man it would just be weird!!! lol.
I am not going to lie but if I see a REALLY poorly done piece that you can tell they put the tattoo machine together in their basement(don't get tattooed in a basement! lol) I do think they look like shit. I think you need to make sure you get good quality so it can actually look good if that makes sense.Not all tattoos look good, but if done by professional artists they most likely will look good. I am guilty of having one that doesn't look the best but it will be covered up one day!=)

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This is my second biggest thing with people, and I am not talking about your friends or family necessarily but more like strangers or co workers. Don't fucking touch my tattoo,especially when it's fresh and new done that fucking day! My sister and I went on a tattoo trip last summer and we were just visiting a friend and her boss came out and checked out our new tattoos and he like stroked my sisters arm right on her day old tattoo too and seriously that's not only awkward but man I don't know where the hell your hands have been! Just don't touch, it's skin and once it's heeled it just feels like the rest of your skin so there really is no need to touch me especially if we have only met for 3 seconds.I even had a girl lightly rub my thigh tattoo once, I was like ummmm hi there! lol.

Please don't ask me how much it cost. This is just ridiculous. It's not something you can just base off of how much the stranger down the street paid for his. Every shop is different, every piece is different therefore the price will never be the same so really you don't need to ask me how much I paid. ESPECIALLY when I don't know you! Some people have much higher standards in quality so there is no real way to judge the pricing, you really get what you pay for and I think forking out a lot for good artwork is well fucking worth it! Another reason why you shouldn't ask is because you have no clue how well their artist knows them, they might be super great friends and get a wicked deal then you go there and get charged up your ass for your piece.
There is this girl I work with that has some questionable tattoos and she brags how cheap they are, and you can tell they were cheap by looking at them! You should be bragging by how great the quality is not the price.So to me when someone brags about the price usually their tattoo isn't all that great.

Not everyone wants to talk about what they have on their bodies.I think some people love the attention they receive from their tattoos but not everyone wants to be pestered about what it means, where you got it done, how much it was,did it hurt, blahh blahh. ESPECIALLY if it is negative comments! I was out one night with some friends and one of the guys girlfriends was out and she asked me if she could see the tattoo on my back, so I showed her and she says "Oh. I don't like tattoos" Well then why the fuck did you ask to see it?! Making me feel beneath you because you don't like part of me is pretty ignorant. I am not an aggressive person so I kind of just was so stunned I said nothing, but I should have told her how I didn't like her ugly face and waited to see what her reaction was but i'm not an ass.
 Now I am not saying we don't like to talk about our tattoos but if you aren't actually going to listen to what I say and just start talking about yours then no thanks. Or if you have ignorant things to say about how I will never get hired in a professional business then just shut it!
Recently I had another co worker tell me how "every fucking tattoo is ugly" LOL whoa now simmer down!
Sometimes there are some pretty fucking amazing stories behind tattoos and they can be super interesting to learn about and can be pretty cool if someone wants to share.

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PLEASE don't pick a piece off the wall or copy other peoples tattoos. I know google is the biggest spot to research tattoos and I very much agree with showing an artist a piece that you do like as an inspiration to help get something drawn up that you want but please don't copy. Every tattoo should be unique and I would be sad to see someone walking around with the EXACT thing I had on my body. There are TONS of fad tattoos going around and I know that that is the worst thing to get done.Make sure you like it and it does suit you and not just something that's "in" right now.  Make sure you think about your piece for a few months, look at the picture everyday, think of how it will effect your life and if you can hide it under clothing if you need too. Listen to what the artist suggests, sometimes I know they can really change things and it's shitty thinking they aren't following what you want but they are artists and they do know what can flow or work better with your body so be open to suggestions.

Tattoo pain is another one of those topics where of course it depends on your pain tolerance as well as how big your piece is. I find the older I get the more it hurts. The bigger the piece the more it hurts. In the past I have had smaller tattoos and as I get more they are getting larger and take hours instead of minutes. If you do not have a high pain tolerance then you probably should go for 2 hour sittings tops if you are getting a larger piece. I think my tolerance is good but the longest I can go is 3.5 hours and fuck it's painful if your artist pushes hard. Another factor is how hard they press, I swear I pissed off my one artist pretty bad and he pushed so damn hard I didn't think I could make it through!

How do you know if you are going to a good artist? I CANNOT stress this enough, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your homework!!! Research their web site, go to their shop and speak with the artist to see if what you want is something they can or are willing to actually tattoo. Many people don't know this but a lot of artist do have a typical style of work so make sure you look into their style to see if it matches what you are wanting to get done. Make sure you check out their portfolios. Lots of artists have Instagram accounts or facebook pages of their work so there is always a good amount of photos you can check into.It's better to do too much research then show up for your appointment and be disappointed.

Pieces of regret! Ughh this is the worst part of it all!! Getting tattoos when you are younger can be such a bad thing since when you are 18 you probably like different things compared to when your 25! I have a couple that I was just thinking oh man if I could just erased them I would! Thankfully there is coverups and lazer removal! But be careful!

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This pisses me off the most, when people say " what are you going to do when your 70 and your tattoos are all saggy?" DO YOU THINK I CARE WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE WHEN I'M 70?! Maybe when i'm 40 but not 70! LOL like seriously people come on! I have a few people in my life who really dislike tattoos and their comments to me are just ridiculous.
"What are you going to do when you need a real job?" UMM go to work? lol it's 2013 piercings and tattoos are pretty much allowed in most professions, especially in where I am interested in.
"People with tattoos are trashy" How the heck is a beautiful flower or a lyric or whatever trashy?! I think maybe  you are thinking the person is trashy but only have the balls to say their tattoo is trashy. This also plays in the better the artist the better the tattoo and good tattoos cannot be trashy!
Some people say to me "why would you want to wreck your body like that?" I personally think it makes me feel a teeny tiny bit pretty. I like art and I think if you can nicely add it to your body then do it!!
I have met some of the SWEETEST people in the tattoo community and it really shows it doesn't matter what you look like to be a good person.

Some random questions I get asked:

Can I get my tattoo wet after it's done? What kind of lotion do I use? Can I use Aloe Vera? Listen to what your artist or shop tells you you should do to best suit your tattoo. The healing process is extremely important and I seriously cringe when friends tell me they don't do anything different while their tattoo is healing. You need to keep the ink vibrant and new looking. PLEASE listen to what you are told from the shop. In my experience I let my tattoos get a splash in the shower but not soaked once a day to keep it clean and use a non scented white lotion a couple times a day to keep it moisturized. PLEASE do not pick at scabbing! This is a crappy part but usually they scab. Mine always do and they can get pulled of from clothing pretty easy and you will find you need touch ups because when that scab is pulled off a part of color will usually come out with that scab.
You would think Aloe vera would be great to heal with the tattoo process but from what I have learned aloe speeds up healing in wounds but since this is a different type of "wound" it can heal the top layer of skin and mess with the tattoo... (don't quote me on that but that is what I have read into) Some shops might recommend it but just do what works with you.

My tattoo is so itchy! DO NOT scratch! Man that is a hard one to live by but seriously don't scratch it, it gets itchy while it's healing and when you scratch you risk pulling off any skin that maybe hanging on and that means you might need touch ups if the ink comes off with the skin! I know this is weird but I pat on my tattoo when I can't scratch them, it doesn't quite do the job but it's something!

Is it supposed to hurt a couple days after? Yes depending on your body, where it is and how big it is. My arm still hurts to touch it 3 days later but it's pretty normal. Some people even bruise from being tattooed. If you do have major concerns for sure go back to the shop and see what they say and then seek medical help if needed.

Okay I think that's mostly what I had in my head, I just wanted to let people know that whether you have a tattoo or none or you are covered we are all just people and we are all different, so try not to judge! =)

What do you think of the whole tattoo scene?
Would you get one?
Would you get more?

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  1. Awww Taygan I really enjoyed this article! I love how you almost scream out loud what most people think in their head ahahahah it is beyond how some people are! I don't have bit tattoos, I only have 2 and they are hidden most of the time, no particular meaning but who cares? Why ask? Same for how it costs blahblah - OK, remember my 3 stars on my stomach? They were free ecause they were small. Guess what, they are not even regular, far from perfect, it was apparent the "artist" was a total noob, and if I ever get pregnant or something, it will mostly stretch - but none of this you can see until I tell you or if you are extremely close to my stomach, which not really happen often ahahah! Of course, like you said, there is a reason why tattoos are cheap (or free...) and I should have known that but I was young and stupid... it's OK though, I don't regret it! When I will be old and saggy, it will get old and saggy too ahahah

    1. Thanks for reading this! I have SUCH a hard time filtering how I talk on here, I like to tell it how it is lol.
      They really were free? well they certainly don't look bad in the pictures so that;s good! I kinda thought you might agree with me on the meanings of tattoos so that;s good i'm not the only one thinking that way. LOL yes exactly! Why would we be worried about one portion of our skin sagging when it will all be saggy?


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