Garnier Olia Hair Color Review

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"A technological breakthrough. Oil can do more than condition your hair. The oil-enriched formula propels colour deep inside the hair... without ammonia.
OLIA maximizes your colour performance with its 1st ammonia-free permanent home haircolour powered by oil. Olia visibly improves the quality of hair as the oils help to reverse roughness and dullness for more brilliant, dimensional colour and softer, shinier hair with bounce."

 Most of you have probably heard of Garnier's Olia permanent ammonia free hair dye by now.
There are tons and tons of mixed reviews I have read and I figured the only way to figure it out is to try it myself! So here I am testing out this randomly rated product. I bought this in black-FIGURES!I wish they had blue black which is the current color I like to use but their selection isn't the greatest. I paid a whopping $11.99 for this which is just crazy but I was thinking maybe this product would be worth it?

 Basic hair color kit. This does contain the developer and the colorant in different tubes to mix into the bottle rather then it usually coming with one in the bottle.Makes me feel like all those people who get to buy dye from Sallys and mix it all up! lol. No Sallys around my area  =(. Then the after care conditioner, I have yet to actually like any of these that come with box dyes.

I do like the black pink and yellow packing all together, it looks modern and drew me in.

It's about DAMN time they came up with an applicator bottle that was perfect! Apparently that was a difficult thing to do! But Garnier takes the cake in this contest. The bottle was very easy to hold and with the end on the applicator it really gives you the precision you need with getting in the roots.

Typical too big gloves, they are just like the white ones but black, nylon type material. I found them to be a bit slippery though so they were annoying when i was trying to pick up my comb to separate my hair.

Fairly thick!
Okay now on to the good stuff!

I will make this short and too the point since i'm not great at writing long interesting points.

*This product is super thick, fells like I was using conditioner to dye my hair which was great for no drips or splattering dye on my wall or floors.
*NO horrible dye smell! That was one of my top loves of this product. There is a faint floral scent that is pleasant but I barely noticed it so it wasn't over powering, no need for the bathroom fan on or window to be open!
*The applicator! It was pretty much perfect, easy to squeeze the product out and super easy to do roots with the nice tapered off end.
*Didn't get the total straw like feel when washing dye out.

*Pricy. Is this justifiable with the fact there isn't that horrid ammonia smell you must smell for a good hour??
*Maybe it was a tad too thick? I did have a couple spots on my head after washing the dye out and blow drying that I might have applied too much to that area and I had to blot with a kleenex.
*Not a huge color selection.
*The conditioner was terrible.

Okay so they claim to reverse dullness,roughness for softer shiner hair with bounce. Meh. I didn't think it gave my hair any extra anything other then some refreshed color. I have soft hair to begin with so maybe that's why I didn't have amazing results.

The total time to apply was almost 15 minutes, I do use a brush to make sure I get all of the dye on my hair so that takes longer. You wait 30 minutes for dye to process.

So what do I really think? The color was nice, not crazy shiny black which I always like to see. I did use the conditioner that came with the box that I never do but since I chopped off all my hair I figured what the hell does it matter anyways, well that did not condition my hair in the least bit but I guess I knew that. The process was a bit easier since there was no dripping, I did get some dye on my skin and when I wiped it off at the end I found the same amount of staining on my skin as usual. I loved the no chemical smell but I didn't find my hair to feel like it was not abused by being dyed. I am super curious to see how long the color lasts before I need to redye.
The price is a bit much but I think I would purchase again especially if this was on sale, I just wish the selection was bigger but maybe they will broaden that later. Olia didn't give me any better color then most other dye's I have used previously.
I seriously cannot even take a picture of my hair. I cut it pretty effing short and absolutely hate it now and refuse to show the world if I don't have too!!

What do you think of this product??

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  1. This was a great detailed review thank you! I always dye my hair and am always looking for the next great one. To be honest the no ammonia smell is a HUGE plus for me and I'd probably get it based on that alone! xx

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    1. :) I think you should for sure try this. If the ammonia is an issue for you then this is perfect!

  2. Awww you cut your hair! I cut mine a bit after Christmas too, I guess I needed a change for the New Year... yeah right ahahah actually I was tired of it never behaving how I wanted, and let's face it, long hair are soooooooo high maintenance! I'm not in love with my current hair cut but it could be worst. At least it's manageable and it will allow my hair to grow back healthier, I hope!

    I was interested in this hair dye when it ame out but I was imediately put off by the price and the stupid color range! There is only ONE purple that is not even purple - WTF? I don't buy anything from Garnier anyway but I am still struggling to find cruelty-free hair dye so most of the time I find deals on groupon and sites like that and go to the hairdresser instead of buyin hair dyes that never give me the results I am expecting.

    1. Ahhh Gaby I did and HATE IT!!! I feel beyond ugly now :(
      Yes long hair is a pain in the ass especially in summer heat!
      I think your hair always looks good so your lucky with your cuts!

      Yeah I know hey! And no blue black :( piss me off. My friend uses the purple and its ok but not purple purple like it should be!
      I still haven't seen your Revlon cruelty free one yet.. Maybe it will be at the target in my city in may? I'll check for it!!

  3. I was curious about this, but they didn't have a shade I could use. Thanks for post girlie!

    1. Figures hey. But at least your not missing out on too much

  4. Yay for the review :D Thank you

    Hmm I think I might wait a little longer until it is on sale, and maybe in the color I want :)

    1. :) yes good thinking! I am hoping they come out with more selection soon! Thanks for reading!<3

  5. I CALLED THEM TODAY. I can not use the ball type bottle. impossible to squeeze. Also getting the developer out of the tube could not be done with arthritis. They were so nice. they are already in the process to change color bottle and yes they have had problems with that too. This is what happened to me. I'm 57.


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