Random Empties

8:30 AM

Third time is a charm right? Why blogger needed to delete this post two other times is beyond me. So here we go again.

*L'OREAL ELNET Satin Hair Spray
Repurchase? Yes if it was on sale, I actually got this for $2.99 at Shoppers once and sometimes they are $12.99! I would not pay $12 for freakin hairspray.
*TRESEMME Heat Tamer Heat Protectant
Repurchase? Meh. If the price was right, I kinda swap heat protection products since they aren't too different to me from the other ones out there.
*MACADAMIA Deep Repair Masque
Repurchase? Hell yeah! LOVE this product!Helps repair my hair more then anything I have ever used.
*FRIZZ EASE Heat Defense Heat Protectant
Repurchase? nahhh I don't think it's worth the couple extra dollars then the Tresemme one.
*DR TEALS Epson Salt in Lavender
Repurchase? Yes, it smells sooo good!
*L'OREAL Sublime Bronzer
Repurchase? Yes, I do like to have a self tanner that is fool proof and washes off at the end of the day. Adds just enough extra color to my skin to not look like a total ghost.
*L'OREAL Voluminous Million Lashes
Repurchase? Yes, this mascara is one of my favorite drug store ones, but the brush can be a bit poky.

What were your latest empties?

Short & sweet by the third time...

Have a good weekend!!!!!!!!!!


HAUL TIME...Fisheye Lens Style

12:15 AM

It's been a while. Shopping just kind of happened the last couple weeks and here is a random fisheye lens haul =D 

 I know Ardenes is cheap crap but for flip flops and things fine by me. 3 pairs for $10 and I got the cute little wallet thingys for $5 each. I even bought my sis one =D

 My beloved ORB bag, I spent weeks and weeks pondering this purchase of $66! Yeah yeah I know who is going to say WHAT YOU SPENT that one a BAg!?!? Well I am a cheap ass but this is the first bag I have ever spent more then $20 on so whatever. It has cute cheetahish print inside too.

I think I own a 1000 tank tops but when they are $8 can't really go wrong. First one is from Dynamite it was on sale for $10 the yellow and black racer back ones are from Joe for $8 each.
This is my other addiction, hoodys! Does anyone else ever have the problem of buying hoodys and they get all bunched up on the zipper even though you do not put them in the dyer and it looks like you have a major beer gut? This one actually doesn't do that thankfully so I paid the ridiculous price of like $80! Yikes but I love Bench so whateveerrrr.

These are sooo cute minus the cat hair in the pic! Kismet black shorts $30. Hopefully they look better on me once I get some color, im sooooooooo pale :(

and of course my FAVORITE:

Olloclip for iPhone! It's soo fun for Instagram!!! It is fisheye,Macro and wide angle

What was your latest purchases?



6:18 AM

Wait a freakin minute is anyone even still roaming around on this blog still? Looks like ghosts ville to me.

Well if you ARE here I Thank you! =D I have been having some pretty crappy health problems and have kind of away from the online world, except for instagram my addiction!!! If you don't have it get it!!!! And even a little Twitter now.

Needless to say I haven't been blogging or even really reading blogs. It's just sooo crazy to be away from all you guys for so long and I really miss everyone! Thank you to those who have noticed my vanishing act and for your kind words =) I swear I have been starting to read some blogs and I if I dont comment a lot Im sorry! I just need to try to get through them all but know I love all your blogs and will do the best I can!
What am I doing here?
Well I had literally 15 minutes tonight since everyday I have Chiropractic care and physio starting Thursday too and working full time I dont have much time anymore in between the pain but I just wanted to hop on the blog for a minute and show you my quick crap I didn't need to buy haul =D It's sooo weird I feel like a stranger out in the world of shopping now since its kinda been almost 3 months =( but here's what I have!

Nourishing color foam
I have wanted to try this for a couple weeks and since I am so lazy with hair dye foam is my fav. I hope it doesn't smell too funky. I'll let you guys know if anyone wants a review on it.
Anti-Imperfections Tri-Active
Miracle BB Cream! In Light/Medium
OMG I LOVE BB creams and cannot find the Marcelle one anywhere so I had to try this and so far I like!Maybe just a touch too dark for miss ghost white here :(
*LIP SMACKERS Sprite Lip Gloss =)
That's my Mini Haul and hopefully I get a view or 2 still ;)

Tired any of these? Love,Hate? No thoughts?

Okay that's it I am out!

Miss ya guys!

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