This Week can just be over now!!

12:15 AM

Okay one of those days x7 pretty much! Work has been over whelming and my one cat had a mini seizure or something terrible (vet says shes ok now) and she seems good to go but of course I am worried..she's my fury baby =D A few life problems are kinda in my way right now too so that's always a downer.As well it has been STUPID cold here this week. Our first taste of winter, -45'C!! WOW that is EXTREMELY cold if you don't know Celsius. Y U C K! But the weekend is almost here and I am pretty excited about that... I don't have anything super exciting happening but you ever know what might just happen!
Anyone else having a week like this??
 Here is some random of my week, since I have been too busy to post real posts this is a quick one!
  with wind it was in the minus 40s =( and I needed my skull long johns!!!
This picture just makes me shiver! It was SOO COLD out!!
 Chocolate was a must this week!

 LOTS of Monster was needed to make a smile on my face

 Much needed coffee a friend at work bought me =D

Poor lil Boots waiting at the vet, her eyes are just so big I was trying to get a shot but clearly she wasn't in the mood, but who the heck would be?Stupid mom!
 Good Luck Charm? He's cute!
New old song I am recommending you guys to listen too...especially the lyrics!

Whatca think?

H A P P Y   F R I D A Y =D

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  1. Awww poor baby Boots, she looks absolutely frightened! They must hate the vet just like we hate the dentist LOL!

    I don't think we got -31 here yet but it's getting closer... stupid Canadian weather!

    1. She was, it was so sad but she seems really good now =D =D =D haha totallly like the dentist for us!!

      It's pretty good though because winter is kinda almost over!

  2. Aww I hope boots is fine now... yeah my weekend was a crappy one as well... and shit that is some cold weather you're having.
    And yay its weekend... remember to smile =D


    1. Thanks,she seems good now thankfully!
      Totally cold weather! Looks like you guys have some snow there lately too?
      Thankfully for wknds..but now its almost over =(

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks =) It did! It always does but sometimes I gotta whine!

  4. Poor boots!! She looks so scared! and BRRRRRR that is damn cold!

    1. =( I know, how mean am I for taking a picture! But shes so cute I couldn't help myself.
      oo man it was so cold! but so much warmer now! I hope that was the last of it.


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