Pan Am

11:40 AM

I recently had some Twitter friends tell me about Pan Am and I didn't really think too much into it, I watched the trailer and though "yeah looks ok!" I FINALLY got the chance to watch it, I am only 4 episodes into the 9 that have actually aired and I LOVE it!

If I was adventurous,lived in a city with an airport,wasn't scared of flying and single i 'd seriously LOVE to be an international stewardess! Just travel around for free and see everywhere you could imagine. Party at the places you stop off in and then off to the next city! I think that sounds pretty fun if you worked with cool people =D
I also really like the whole 60s time.. Other then the super sexism they have but really we have to deal with it today as well.
Okay the bad part is I heard it is cancelled! I think they are finishing the season and then its done =( so there will only be a few more episodes left. BIG FAT BOO. Makes me mad that so many good shows are cancelled and the shitty ones have so many seasons =(

Have you guys had a chance to watch any of this show yet?

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  1. No!! I haven't seen this yet! I seen a little preview of this on youtube! I was like oooo gotta watch that! I thought that it was a movie until it said that it was on ABC .. yeah that sucks only one season! I hate that I get all into something then its done! :-(

  2. Oh no! IT's not gonna be canceled?
    grrr... I love Karine Vanasse!

  3. I haven't seen or heard of this show :( But it sucks that their cancelling it because it is an interesting premise. I almost became a stewardess for all the reasons you mentioned in this post! It would've been fun.

  4. I just looked on Wikipedia and it says that in November 2011 that was speculation that it was going to be cancelled, but that it's still in production. I hope so because I haven't had a chance to watch it yet :( I hate watching shows that I already know are cancelled!

  5. Never watched it! I'll have to see a few episodes now :)


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