Montagne Jeunesse & Renew Review

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 I was given the lucky opportunity to review some facial masks from is such a large variety I was shocked that most of these were different then the previous ones I have reviewed or purchased. I think there really is a mask for anything you need. Everything came in this really cute little holder that perfectly stores my facial masks! I actually have been kind of looking around for something to put them in and this is a perfect fit.

*RENEW YOU Platinum & Retinol Pure Radiance Hydrogel Masque
*RENEW YOU White Clay Smooth & Define Fabric Face Toner
*RENEW YOU Ultra Luminous Skin Brightening Treatment
*RENEW YOU Active Firming Collagen Face Masque
*MONTAGNE JEUNESSE Very Berry Ultra Moisturizing and Cleansing
*MESMORE EYES Eyelash Adhesive
*MONTAGNE JEUNESSE Mud Pac Anti Stress Masque
I also have received these lashes to test out as well. I am slightly a newbie with false lashes, I can apply them but I don't wear them as often as I would like since I always think they will fall off or something lol.
They look natural but they are long and thick enough to actually add something to my lashes.

The first mask I am reviewing is the Montagne Jeunesse VERY BERRY Ultra Moisturizing and Cleansing Mask.
As soon as I read the name I thought I bet this smells amazing....and it does! Every mask I have tried from their line smells so good,it's one of the things I really like since who wants to put something that smells gross on their face? Not me.

"Bursting with the juice of pressed Blueberries and crushed Cranberries our fruity beauty is packed with antioxidants. Nourishing Peach Kernel oil and soothing Aloe will leave your skin refreshed and cleansed.
All Montagne Jeunesse products are Vegetarian Society approved, Not Tested on Animals and Cruelty Free (BUAV Approved)."

After just reading the package it is a must try! This mask is new to me and was excited to try it out.
I really liked it the Very Berry, it made my skin feel clean and soft after using. I like the fact it is full of antioxidants, great for your skin! My skin felt moisturized and really refreshed after.
I don't normally use the moisturizing masks and I noticed how this one didn't get all cracked up and drying like some masks do, so you know it is actually adding moisture in your skin.
I also really love that you get a few uses with these masks so for the $1.99 price it is well worth it!
I will for sure purchase this mask over and over... I actually kind of think it is my favorite one now!

My next favorite that I have tested out so far was the RENEW YOU SMOOTH & DEFINE Fabric Face Tonic. 

" Renew You Smooth and Define Fabric Face Tonic is a specially shaped fabric face masque impregnated with a unique White Clay formulation to help deeply cleanse and prepare the skin surface for maximum penetration of the anti-aging actives in the follow on serum.

Step 2 - once the skin is prepared with the clay tonic, the follow on Contouring Serum fortifies skin to help fight fine lines and gives a smoother, brighter look."

I think this was my first time trying out one of the Renew fabric masks and I was pleased to be able to give this a try!

 Sounds nice hey? WELL it was! I sometimes like the fabric masks for a change rather then the regular masks, even though the fabric ones are harder to fit and honestly it just reminds me of when I was a kid and I would bite the holes in the bologna and put it on my face lol...anyone else?

After using this fabric mask my skin felt amazing! I always like clay masks, I find I have a noticeable difference in the way my skin feels after and this was a really nice mask! I do think this mask helps with adding some firmness and moisture with your skin. I didn't notice my skin tone being anything crazy different.
Sadly I did not notice any find lines being smoothed but I think in order to see that effect you would have to use these a couple times a week?
The contouring Serum is nice too because you will get a few uses out of it,I like my serums =)

This mask is slightly more expensive it is around $5.99 but I would purchase a Renew mask once in a while I think as a treat to my skin... And if you are noticing better results then spending a little extra is always ok.

Okay my favorite things about these masks is they are cruelty free,animal bi product free and BUAV approved.

All of these products are available at
  • Select Lawtons Drugs
  • Select Loblaws
  • Select Zehrs
  • Walmart 
You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites if you are interested!


I am currently working on the false lashes review and will get that posted soon!


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  1. I love face masks so much, they're so great for days when you want to pamper yourself. :) Thanks so much for this review, it was great! <3

  2. I love a good face mask! I am gonna have to find that Montagne Jeunesse one! Great review!

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  4. Your post is too beautiful and I really impressed by this blog. Everything is fairly defined in this post. You should continue do this type of post. It’s enjoyable post.

  5. So many face masks! Hope you have fun with all of them. :)


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