Mesmoreyes Lashes & Glue Review

6:32 AM

I received these lashes to test out and review, and these were actually really fun to review since I have only tried about 3 other false lashes before these, so I am kind of new at this but I LOVE false lashes! I would wear them everyday if I wasn't lazy.

MESMOREEYES 218 Full Lashes

"MesmorEyes Full Lashes help you get that glamorous look the latest Hollywood stars are wearing. Each lash strip is knotted and feathered by hand to achieve a beautiful natural appearance that is so easy to apply. Each pair can be reused. "

After I read the back, I was thinking human hair! I honestly don't know if I have used the synthetic hair or not previously since I have thrown them away but these lashes are very light, but don't feel too soft. I think if they were soft soft you wouldn't be able to curl them as well? 
I like the idea of real human hair since I think they look more realistic and better quality. But where is this hair from? lol I am wondering.

MESMOREYES Eyelash Adhesive

"MesmorEyes Eyelash Adhesive (1) is made with the finest professional glue available. It offers superior adhesion, dries quickly and clear for invisible results. Use with MesmorEyes Full Lashes.
*Dance Studios, Skate Clubs and other professional theatre groups, contact Farleyco for bulk rates."
Okay so I read over everything as always to make sure I know what I am doing, I open up the glue and ready to go! WELL it didn't quite go as planned...

The glue is B L U E lol what the heck! I was pretty shocked just because the packaging states that it is a clear glue. It was watery, so i shook it up just in case it had been from sitting around while it was being shipped and it did become more white but definitely not clear. I am not sure if I just got a bad tube or if maybe I need to shake it up like crazy? Or maybe it is supposed to be blue? I am not really sure =/ Since you use such a thin strip it doesn't really matter what color the glue is.

 Okay please don't mind the messy eye! lol clearly I didn't realize I had mascara under my eye during the pictures! I thew these on just to show for the review in this picture and it isn't perfect. As well you can also see how I can't get the lashes perfected into place just yet but they do add nice volume and length! i am getting better with more practice.

These are perfect for anyone who wants to add some extra attention to their eyes, they are not over the top but just enough to make your lashes look gorgeous! They added fullness and a bit of length to mine and that is exactly what I look for with falsies!

I have used these lashes randomly four times and they are still in good condition, I don't know if you get a lot of uses with false lashes but these seem like they are pretty decent ones as well they will last you quite a few uses if you are gentle with them.
Overall I am pretty pleased with these lashes, for $4.59 I think they are well worth it! 
I might stay away from the glue if you really need clear glue, but the stickiness of the glue was good and really I think that is all that matters.

You can find these as well as other lashes at Farleyco.
  • Army & Navy
  • Familiprix
  • Pharmasave
  • Select Paragon Pharmacies
  • Value Drug Mart

You can also check out Farleyco at the following sites if you are interested!


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  1. I love blue glue! it obviously dries clear but at least you can see it xD

  2. Love these lashes! I love how they are more natural looking. I love false lashes but I guess to lazy to do them that often! haha

  3. nice! does the glue dry clear though? I have glue from ardell and that is white but it dries clear if you don't use alot of it. I love false eyelashes! I bought like 4 pairs right after christmas :-)

  4. Looks nice! I always do wonder like with extensions and makeup brushes and stuff where they get the hair from!

  5. Hi Taygan! I'm absolutely addicted to false lashes and wear lashes all the time.
    The Mesmor Eyes lashes look great on you! I haven't heard of this brand of lashes before....hmmm, maybe when the company said that the glue is "clear", they meant that the glue dries "clear" - like I can't notice the glue on your lash strip in the picture you did. My DUO lash glue is "clear" when it dries but it comes out really white out of the tube...does that make sense? :)

  6. Wow those are sooo natural looking I love it! , it's ok if it's not placed perfectly, practice makes perfect n just add some liner to cover the space :)... N yea blue glue? Never seen that lol


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