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I have been trying to write this post for like 2 months, no lie but I just couldn't get it finished , and now that the tabs for gear is over I hope it isn't pointless.

Monster Energy is one of my obsessions clearly, and when I heard they had a promo going on where you send in your Monster tabs and get free gear that isn't available for sale, I was freakin excited because I knew I had a ton of Monster cans in my garage that I have been needing to take to the bottle depot. I was a couple months late in hearing about this but when I gathered all the tabs I had at home, I had enough for one or two of every item =D

 I had 141 cans kicking around in my garage...yes I need to clean that up!!! But my laziness actually came in handy and I had enough for what I wanted =D

  There's what I ordered


 Part if my order! For some lucky reason I got sent 4 toques and I only ordered 1, as well as 2 hoodies when I only ordered one =D I had a couple friends who were happy with the free things I gave them!

 This is the women's T-shirt. I LOVE it except it fits wide and short so it's a little bit but it's still pretty rad anyway!

 Don't mind the cat hair =)

 This hoody is FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCEPT they only have it in men's sizing, no XS just S and larger so it's RIDICULOUSLY GIGANTIC on me and I would never ever wear it out of my house lol. I was so sad because it's really nice and I have yet to see anyone around here wearing it. So sadly it will be my hoody to wear at home if I am feeling fat? lol I don't even know if I will wear it it's so big =/ And too small for the bf so boo!

This is the men's T-shirt, its not nearly as nice as the women's but I thought I mays well order it and use it for pajamas or something? It actually shrunk quite a bit so it's not tooo big.

That's my tabs for gear =D =D =D

Did anyone else happen to do this?? What did you get??

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  1. It looks amazing :O i hope they will do it here as well lol... i think my 7eleven knows me by know cause its the only place that sells monster =D

  2. @Osxg33kgirl-haha thats funny =D
    I was hoping you would read this...only like 6 more weeks til I get the shirt lol. then who knows who long to get to you!I will keep you updated =D

  3. lol WOW lady! This reminds me of my brother when he lived with me. Except it was Az green Tea cans... lots!

  4. oo nice! no I didn't do this.. my heart would seriously give out from all the energy drinkage! ha ha

  5. Oh really? How awesome! I remember when Molson Dry had a similar promo where you had to send them stickers found in beer packs. Back in the day, I was working at a corner store and I collected all the stickers from the empty packs people returned and I got tons of stuff... but I lost everything LOL!

    The women's shirt and the hoodie look amazing! You must be over the moon with all that Monster stuff!


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