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"Diane Lai for soft skin™ is an independent skin care company formulating products for highly sensitive skin. Started because Diane’s son suffered from extreme eczema as an infant and designed for adults, infants and toddlers who are sensitive to chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances and many harsh ingredients found in lotions and creams. Made with organically certified ingredients we highly recommend you try our hypoallergenic natural products made for all skin types."

*Packaged In BPA Free Plastics
*All Components Are Recyclable (Except Pumps)
*Ingredients Are 96% Organic
*Preservative Is A Food Preservative Sodium Benzoate
*Shelf Life Is 18 Months Once Opened
*Proudly made In Canada
    These products sound really amazing to me. I don't suffer from eczema but I do have a couple friends that do and I can only imagine how difficult it might be to take care of sometimes. 
    I do get really dry itchy skin in winter, so this is perfect to use!
    I have been give a lucky opportunity to review these products and am very excited to share them with you!

    My first glance at these products I was instantly drawn to the packaging! I absolutely love it. It's fresh, modern and looks like a high end product to me. The blue and white just seems different then most colors I see lately so it is a nice change!

    I received:

    SOOTHE All Natural  Moisturizing Cream
    "Sometimes it's not what you put in a lotion that makes it exceptional. It's what you leave out.Soothe is ultra rich and thick to protect and heal delicate skin. The hypo-allergenic formula provides long lasting moisturization for soft smooth skin.Completely chemical free Diane Lai's Soothe has the moisturizing and soothing properties,as well as the ability to aid in healing irritated skin."

    First of all, I am very happy this is free of harsh chemicals that can't be good for anybody's skin as well as this is hypo-allergenic. As much as I love a good scent to things I do think they have added ingredients that aren't as moisturizing for your skin. When you do have dry skin it is best to stay away from the extras scents in my opinion.  
    Winter is here and my hands are crazy dry, I LOVE using this product after I wash my hands or showering. I can feel this locking in the moisture and it has a slight scent- I can't describe but it's light and not lingering. 

    REJUVENATE All Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion

    *Relieves / Alleviates Dry Skin
    *Softens Skin
    *Moisturizes and Hydrates
    *Protects Skin Against The Elements
    *Prevents Damage

    After reading a bit on each product (ahead of receiving them) I knew they would be doing something for my skin. I use Rejuvenate daily now after showering and my skin stays moisturized for the day. I don't know if it fully takes away from itchy winter skin that I have but maybe in time it will fade away. I haven't had a huge opportunity to use many all natural products (I would love too but the price is the hardest part!) but I can only imagine how it helps with your skin.
    The pump for these products are really handy and keeps things easy to use, sanitary and no wasted product.
    A little goes a long way with these as well, they are thick and you don't need a ton of product.

    FRESH All Natural Daily Body Wash

    *Softens Skin While You Wash
    *Replenish Essential Moisture
    *Nourish Your Skin Naturally
    *Improve The Skins Texture

    When I think of natural products I think back to the few I have tried and found some of them done lather up like the full of chemical ones. Not this product, Fresh has a really nice foamy lather that makes you feel you are actually getting some moisture back in your skin as well as being clean!
    I like the packaging for this product too since the opening is at the bottom and I don need try to scrape all the product out when I am finished. 
    I am a sucker for a long hot shower which is terrible for dry skin and makes my skin hate me, so I can't say if this really helped with that but I do think this is a nice body wash! The light scent is the same as the other products and doesn't linger on me for long.

    A sample of Soothe I will be giving to a friend who has eczema, hopefully she will like this product!

    Overall I would recommend these products to anyone who suffers from dry skin, eczema or anyone looking for extra moisture and an all natural Canadian product. These products absorb quickly with no gross greasy residue. The packaging is my favorite and the products are ideal for adults,infants &toddlers. The only downside of things might be the price since they are a little more expensive then what you might find in drugstores but if something is expensive with really good results I do think it can be worth it.

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    1. My boyfriend has really bad eczema so I know just how hard it is to find good products. These really do look high end and they sound great! xx

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    2. These look like really nice products. I have dry skin and my brother has very sensitive skin and eczema so I'll recommend them to him.


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