1:00 AM

 Veggie Burger and fries, my FAV!

 Boots in dryer, what's new?

 Heaven in a can heaven in a can! <3

 Pretty much the only Xmas movie I like, HOME ALONE =D

 Hilarious, watch it!

 Perfect shot!



Bunnies box, cute!

 Bf's Hot chocolate.. I think its sickening but I like the pic
 Old Tattoo but newly posted on INSTAGRAMMMM my new ADDICTION!

So thirsty must drink snow off mom's shoe!

Strawberry Margarita, I have been having lots of these lately for some reason

 Thanks Chicken for chewing up my new Skull Candy head phones!

 And I thought my civic was old! 

 Older pic but it is AWESOME! I got to drive this for a teeny tiny minute and it was pretty cool!

 Make a wish!

 Instagram! Follow these peeps!

 My bf's way of saying lets hang out more =D

 Sweet Pea body butter, LOVE these!!
 My XMAS Gift to me!

 Lip Gloss!
Anyone remember that awesome mug I found in August?? (prob not but I DO!) my Sis got me the mug for XMAS =D =D 

The tragic ending to the nice Xmas.... My niece cried and cried when a certain someones dog ate her bear!!! JERKFACE!;)

I think I have like 100 pictures from December, and sorry to anyone on Instagram that has seen these already but I am not too creative =D

How was everyone's December?

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  1. I love it when you post stuff like this :)

    Great pictures!

  2. Nice! and yay for the big mug! haha what are you going to use it for? :-P

  3. mmmmmmmm that hot chocolate looks amazing x x

  4. Hi Taygan! I hope you've been having a lovely Holidays and I'd like to wish you All the Best in the New Year ;)
    Great pictures for the month of December! I take a ton of pictures as well (gotta love how we're in the digital camera age and not the film age).
    Awww that's so sad that your niece's bear was eaten by someone's dog :( It reminds me of this one time that my younger sister cried when my older sister broke her musical bear....I felt so sad for my sis!
    That's a gigantic mug Taygan LOL Oh and I still gotta try the Monster Drink that you're crazy for! I gotta put that on my grocery list because I always seem to just go for the Redbull.
    The Joe Fresh lipglosses look like gorgeous colours!
    And yay for your Blink182 bunnies!

  5. Love all your pictures! Oh a veggie burger sounds good!

  6. Ure cat s soo freakin cute!!! Omggg n that mug :O, I want a gigantic bowl with a handle but I can't any cute ones that is big enough n can withstand heat.. I love drinking soup n eating noodles lol so a giant bowl would be great for that ^^


  7. Omg the cat in the dryer XD so cute!


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