Random Quotes

12:39 PM

 Random quotes part 3

Can you believe the most popular post on my blog is random quotes? Yikes what does that say about my blogging skills =O
BUT I do love these so here are some from google.com & weheartit.com

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  1. Oh and it being the most popular is because people search for quotes. Thats how my one post is it gets most of the hits because people search for quotes and things :-)

  2. @Themisstwist- Yeah I know, its just kind of funny that it is the most popular post...the one you don't have to try on is the best one lol,but they are fun cuz I like quotes!=)

    @VintageMakeup- =D

    @Theothersideofcool- =) I agree!

    @Gaby-wahoo me too!


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