November Glymm!

12:01 AM

I was happy to check my mail box on Thursday and find my November Glymm in there =D

In case anyone reading this is new to Glymm it is a monthly subscription of 4-5 deluxe beauty samples shipped to your door for $10 a month! I love the random products I would never be able to purchase or think of purchasing so these are worth the $10!

LISE WATIER/Flash Lift Radiance Vail.  Full Price for 7 Vail's $27
Introducing your handbag's new bff. This new vitalizing serum comes in a convenient vial,which can be applied any time of the day. Formulated for every skin type this serum erases the signed of fatigue and smooths the appearances of wrinkles. Late night out? No big deal,just dab some on for an instant glow.

First Impression- It is really nice but I think it's too small to really see what it is able to do, I think using it for a while would really help with your skin!

RHUA/Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner.  Full Size Price $32&$34
Gwenth Paltrow's secret to beautiful lustrous hair is now available to you. Rahua is a natural,organic hair care system which contains the precious Rahua nut oil, fund deep in the Amazon Rain forest.Sold exclusively in top salons around the world, the gentle Rahua Molecules penetrate deeply leaving your hair luminous and healthy.

First Impression-I haven't used it yet but I am really excited to try it, it really sounds lovely!

ORLANE PARIS/Lightening Smoothing Cream. Full Size Price $ 80
Brighten up your mornings with Oriane's light smoothing Cream.This Hypoallergenic day cream is infused with rich vitamins and minerals to defend your skin against daily toxins. Your skin is left smooth,soft,radiant and well protected against irritations.

First Impression- I never would have thought to try this out but I am excited I get the chance for with that hefty price tag!

RGB/Designer Nail Laquer. Full Size Prize- $18
In style magazine names it "America's most wanted nail polish". RGB is LA's Hottest contemporary nail care brand, with modern edge. The chip resistant lacquer is formulated for long lasting ultra glossy results. RGB is a 3free lacquer,made in the USA and has recently collaborated with Celebrity Stylist Jenna Hipp and Urban Outfitters.

First Impression- Very pretty, I don't know if I would wear this color though =/ but it was nice to get the full size item!!

ANNABELLE/Smudge Paint. Full Size Price $10.95
Annabelle Cosmetics,Canada's leading eyeliner brand launched the innovative Smudge Paint eyeliner and shadow this season. The potted Gel cream can give you discrete eyeliner for day and fierce drama look at night. The built in brush allows you to glide on smoothly giving you a more custom look.

First Impression- Very excited to try this! I only have a black gel liner and have been using it a lot lately so it will be nice to switch it up with this gorgeous blue liner! I don't think I would use the brush it came with but I like the idea of the brush in the lid.

AND Jelly Bellys!

I seriously don't know what to do with these little jars but I have quite a few now and they are cute!

I have to say sorry for the lack of sunlight in the pictures, they are not my best but this winter thing isn't helping with day light =/ 
I just really hate taking crappy pictures! I don't know why it bothers me so much but it does.

Which item would you like to try out of this month's Glymm?

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  1. Id love to try the nail polish and the eyeliner out :D
    Im in love with nail polishes like that :) love the shade

  2. Fun! I love the looks of the smudge paint!

  3. Have you heard of TopBox? It seems to be the best "box" I've seen out there!

  4. Aw you got some really cute items in your box this month, I hope you enjoy trying them all out! xx

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  5. The Smudge Paint looks really pretty, and cool packaging too!

  6. I like seeing what's in your Glymm box Taygan! I don't subscribe to one so I find it interesting to share in with your excitement :)
    The Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner sound great! Would be interesting to see if you notice a difference after one use.
    I'm not sure if that RGB Cognac nail polish would be my type of colour alone either...but I'd probably use it with Konad, use it in a fun french manicure or layer it with some sort of glitter polish :)
    I think the Annabelle blue smudge paint would look great on you for a different look! It reminded me when I use to wear this electric blue mascara in high school for some time :)


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