My Guest post!

12:01 AM

Check out my guest post at Gabys Beauty Blog =D =D =D

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  1. Hi Taygan! I saw your blog post on Gaby's blog :) Those are some crazy coloured contacts!! LOL I'm glad you were able to practice getting the contact lenses in and out of your eye safely. I wear contacts almost daily now but I got my first pair from an optometrist so the optometrist didn't let me leave her office until I could safely show her that I could put them in and take them out. It took me two separate visits (maybe it was three! I can't remember since it was a few years back)....the first time I failed several times and my eyes got irritated so she told me to come back in a few it's not an issue at all of course and with practice you'll find it easy to handle as you said :) Do you think you'll be wearing the contacts out anytime?

  2. Congrats! I'll have to check it out :)


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