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FAV iPhone Apps #2

There is SO many Apple apps i honesty didn't know where to start but these are a few that I use very often! These are all free apps as well, I am cheap for the most part and don't ever purchase apps so these are just some freebies!

*WallPapersHD  is my FAVORITE app to get my wallpapers for my phone and iPad.(The one in this pic is from there) There is soo much selection and they are always adding new wallpapers to their selection. The quality of the pictures look really good as well since they are HD.

*Soundhound. I am ALWAYS listening to music and sometimes when I am out or even if I have the radio on I am thinking what is this song! I just turn on Soundhound and it usually always knows the song .Super helpful! I used to use Shazam but it only allows 5 free uses a month.What good is that? Soundhound is free and lets you use it as much as you want! 

*Pintrest! I am so obsessed with this site it is SUCH a time suck!!But I LOVE IT! I could spend like 10 hours just browsing through everything! You certainly don't need the app but I like to use it on my phone.

*Twitter, of course! I use this a million times a day. I acutally like this much better then the site especially for messaging, it's just like texting.

*iBooks. I know some people prefer the actual book, I can understand that. But I like this for just getting the preview of the book to see what I think of it rather then going to Chapters and actually reading part of it. It's extremely convenient!!

 *OFFICEJERK-This is something I might play while I was waiting somewhere ( I do that a lot at work when I have to go to different places in town for things) This is entertaining just for something if nothings going on on Twitter.


*Intagram- I love taking pictures and seeing other peoples pictures, and not like just of people but things through the day or pets or something cool they saw and this is an app that you can change the look of the picture slightly with the options they have and post the picture and whoever follows you can see what you posted kinda thing. It's nice too because you can't just save a picture you click on like you can everywhere else on an iPhone so you know no one is stealing your pics! It's a pretty cool app, I like to follow a bunch of tattoo artist as well to see what they are posting =D

What is your favorite app?

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  1. Awesome post!! A couple of my favorite apps are pandora (radio), facebook (of course), tv guide, flashlight, intonow (help you find out what the heck you are watching on tv and you can talk to others whose watching the same thing), bigoven (recipes) and tango (look at the person you are talking to)

  2. Oh sick! You have an Ipad too?! Thats awesome! :D I got mine in 2010..my grandparents bought it for me as a "cheering up" present when I was in the hospital. i was thrilled :D but if only they had known that apple upgrades things every year...lol :/ Oh well I still love it! :) I need to download more apps haha. the only things i have are WebMD, calorie counter, angrybirds, facebook, and netflix! Haha I need to get with it! P.S. I like your background, it's so cute :)


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