It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product Review

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I had been looking for It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in product for over a year and had no luck finding it in Canada. I am not a fan of purchasing something expensive online and pay extra for the shipping and having no clue if it will work for me or not, so I never had purchased this and I happened to go into a salon in one of my cities malls and I saw this sitting on the shelf! I was SO excited since I have heard so many good reviews on this product I knew I had to try it.

This is 120ml spray bottle for $21.29 (random price with the .29!) 
There really isn't too much to this bottle which I find disappointing for the price.
They also were selling the newer version with the Keratin but that was $27 I believe and I wasn't willing to fork out $30 on a mystery product!
If you have never heard of It's a 10, this is basically a product that has a bunch of different things in one.

1*Repairs Dry,damaged hair
2*Adds Shine
4*Control Frizz
5*Seals & Protects Hair Color
6*Prevents Split Ends
7*Stops Hair Breakage
8*Creates Silkyness
9*Enhances Natural Body
10*Flat Iron Spray & Thermal Protector

Wow it does a lot of stuff!
If you think about it, if you have 3 or more of these problems with your hair this will replace the cost of multiple products as well as save space in your cupboards! 

The bottle is a typical spray pump bottle, I actually wish it was more like the TRESemme Heat Tamer spray since there is more of a handle on it then just the regular pump.

This kind of pump would be nice!
I also didn't like the packaging for It's a 10 it was ridiculously hard to take pictures with the shiny bottle lol.

So how does it work?
AMAZING! I was honestly impressed! I have a problem with buying new products as you can tell from this blog, and honestly people always tell me to use different heat sprays or oils or whatever and this one wins out of everything I have tried! This will for sure replace my TRESemme spray as well as I will not repurchase my Chi 44 Iron guard. I really like that product but I do like this better. I will continue to use the Chi Silk Infusion along with this product.

I found this detangled my hair very nicely! I did notice my hair was very silky and soft after using this. I think it adds a little bit of shine. I haven't been using it long enough to notice if it prevents breakage. As well I have stupid straight hair that isn't frizzy so I don't know if it helps with that =/
I do not spray this on my roots, just on the middle & ends of my hair after washing it. I could see if you sprayed a ton it would weigh hair down and make it greasy but I haven't had that problem so far. This did not weigh my fine hair down either.
I would 100% recommend this product as well I will repurchase it again once I have ran out.
As well this is a cruelty free product =D =D

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  1. Great review!
    You know, while I was reading your thoughts on it, I was thinking about Chi Silk Infusion (I haven't tried that one either) so I'm glad you mentioned it!

    Getting these two products asap!

  2. Hmmm. I was expecting more of the bottle for such an inexpensive price! Well at leats it works great for you (:

  3. Awesome review! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Great review Taygan! I don't mind paying $20-$30 for a good hair product because as you said, it's easy to fork out $7-$10 on a few other hair products when really, just the one good hair product can do multiple jobs.
    This sounds like a shine serum spray. I love my CHI Silk how is it different than the CHI Silk Infusion in terms of what it delivers? Did it enhance natural body?? I find only voluminzers or dry shampoos enhance my hair's body - my hair is naturally so flat and straight. Thanks in advance Hun :)

  5. @NoraSchu- I Love the silk infusion, it makes my hair feel so soft and I love the smell of Chi products =D If you do purchase either or both of these let me know what you think about them!

    @Gaby- I know the bottle is pretty tiny but I am hoping it will last longer then it looks.

    @Daphyin- =)

    @Karen-It is different because I think it is supposed to do more like add body, control frizziness then Chi does but I didn't notice much extra body in my hair, it just makes it feel so light an soft! I agree with you, I have tried EVERYTHING and the only thing that actually gives body would be the dry shampoo, I use it even on clean hair to add some more volume to my hair but I don't think there is anything that really works other then backcombing =(


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