Haul Time!

6:00 AM

This is just a small haul, I didn't buy everything at once but this is recently what I have bought:

*Orb Zip up Hoody-This one is my favorite one, it was really hard to get a decent picture since its gloomy and dark outside as well it's black but I love this sweater, I find Orb has the best fitting hoody's for me, as well they last a long time so the price is worth it. This was ridiculous and I know some people will cringe but I say if you can find a couple things every so often that you LOVE then buy it. It's just money. It was $90!! yikes. lol but It should last me a couple years.

*American Eagle Original Boot Cut Jeans. I never have been a fan of American Eagle clothes but the jeans are ones that actually fit me okay so I blew $60 on these! I still have the price tag on them just in case I change my mind since that is fairly expensive to me for jeans.

*Element Shoes- I actually bought these at the end of August when I went to a Winner's before the Blink 182 Concert. These were $35 and I love them! I have wayyyy too many shoes now!
*Socks from Ardenes-5 pairs for $10. It's winter soon and I always like to wear long socks since it is FREEEZING HERE.So I thought I would pick up a few pairs.

That's it!
What was in your last haul?

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  1. The last one was the shoppers one... nothing exciting! haha I love ardene socks! I need to buy more! haha Great post! <3

  2. I love skate shoes like these ones! I got some from Adidas for around $25 at Winners! It is noe the only store I go to for shoes ahah!

  3. I love the socks =D
    great haul.. uh I have trouble finding fitted hoody's as well

  4. @Themisstwist- =D they are so cheap but don't last very long =/ but I still buy them! I hate white socks!!

    @Gaby- =) Winners does have such good shoes! But I find it hard to get my proper size. the prices are very decent too!

    @Vintagemakeup- =) I like them too, they are comfy!!

    @Osxg33kgirl- they are my fav! Hoodys are always too short or too fat! I hate it, but this one fits fairly nice I think.


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