Chritsmas Party Shopping!

10:05 PM

Halloween isn't even here and people are talking about Christmas...well here I am with the rest of the Christmas people but it isn't my fault!
I was actually fairly shocked when I walked passed the coffee area at my work this week there was a notice up stating the Christmas party was in November! NOVEMBER!! I actually have never been to one in the middle of November before but this year I guess will be my first. Now with even less time to shop I need to start looking for something to wear yesterday!

I always look online for ideas of where I should go looking or if I should try to find a good deal online and there was a couple dresses that I fell in love with and wished I would be able to purchase them for this Christmas party but with it being less then a month away I highly doubt they would be here in time.

I did manage to come across some sales on some of the dresses so maybe I will even find one I might be able to use... This is embarrassing I do not have a LBD yes I am one of the only few but I desperately need one! If I find a good price then it's mine =)

Here are a couple that I just fell in love with!



Even if I don't wear them for the party I think they are really cute to just have and wear at another party or event!

What do you think?Would you wear either of these to a Christmas party? Or what would you recommend?

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  1. Yay! A Christmas party to go to :) Are you excited?!
    I like the first dress a lot...and I really don't like the second dress at all to be honest. The second dress looks really cheap and it's not even flattering on the model. You know, if you decide not to get a LBD, you can always get a nice blouse/shirt with a pencil skirt - glam that up with some nice accessories (nice necklace, bracelet and/or earrings, heels) and you can always wear the blouse/pencil skirt again at work....I mean, it really depends what time the party is at too right? If the party is held during work hours then you can dress more business casual. But if the party is later in the evening and people have time to go home from work to change clothes, they might be dressed up more and in that case you may want to consider a LBD. Have you checked Forever21? One of the malls in Calgary (dang, I forget which one...) has a really nice, big forever21 store in the new section of their mall. I bet you'll find a really nice dress there for like $30, but you'll wear it well so it looks more than that! Let us know what outfit you decide to wear :)

  2. I have a dress similar to the first =)... i think it would be a bit to dressy for me, I'll probably go for something simpler.. but yeah I have a christmas party too in november

  3. I think the first dress is pretty cool, such a statement neckline!:D

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  4. I love the first dress! How cool that you have a Christmas party in advance?

  5. @Lalalucy1000-It seems mostly everyone is pumped for it to be here =)

    @Vintagemakeup-=D Especially the first one!

    @Karen-Thanks for the tips =) It is on a Saturday evening at a hotel so it should be fun to dress up a little bit... I think I might head to Calgary before to check out a forever21 and see what I can find! I will for sure, I will see if you approve! I wish you could come shopping with your closet lol.

    @Osxg33kgirl-You do?Lucky! I wish i had one.. I dont even own a dress haha. have fun at your Xmas party in November! it seems so early to me..

    @Marie-I agree with you =)

    @Gaby- I am thinking I am running out of time to find something to wear though =/

  6. Me and my husband went grocery shopping the other day and there is this huge section in the store where they sell Christmas lights, fake Christmas trees, stuffed santas etc... well there was a couple there fighting over which tree they should buy... I mean common.. its October ;)
    Those dresses are so adorable... the first one in particular :)
    I would definitely wear the first one to a Christmas party :)


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