Prestige Lash Matrix Mascara Review

1:00 AM

Length,lift and volume

 New spiral technology creates amazing results. Flexible polymer spirals wrap each lash creating breathtaking length,lift and volume.
Special brush sets lashes in place for all day wear without flaking
or clumping. Quick dry and waterproof formula.For removal, polymer spirals release easily with warm water and gentle downward pressure.

 I purchased this last week at Rexall Drug Store for $8.00
The price is reasonable, most decent mascaras are around $7-$10 around here at least.
I think this is my first time ever trying out Prestige mascara,they as well do not test on animals so this is a really good company to purchase products from. 
I love the packaging of this mascara! 
This seems to have everything I am looking for in a mascara, lift,length and volume.

I really like the brush, I am a fan of the bigger not hard plastic bristles like the last one I tested out-Nature Luxe that pokes your eyes every time you use it.
The formula for this mascara is so dry it's crazy! I am currently using my Maybelline Falsies where the formula is so wet that when I tried this I was surprised!
With it being so dry it is much faster to apply a few coats then it is with the Falsies.

I of course purchased the this in Black waterproof.
This is seriously so easy to remove, it says it washes away with water but I still used a bit of eye makeup remover, I don't know how well this would hold up in a really humid location =/

 Sorry the pictures look bad but you can see there is a decent amount of length added with this mascara. My lashes without mascara are non existent... If I took a picture of them bare you wouldn't even see them! ;)


*Fast drying
*No clumping
*Added Length
*Some volume
*Decent pricing
*Didn't flake off during the day
*Easy to remove

*Not as much volume as I hoped for

Would I repurchase? Possibly but I would like to try out a few other Prestige mascara's before I decide if I will stick with this one or another.
Would I recommend? Yes

Have you had a chance to try this mascara out?

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  1. Nice! I haven't tried this out yet! I have my eyes on a few different mascaras first! I don't even know if we have this here! haha

  2. I have yet to try anything from Prestige and for $8, I think this is worth a try.:D

    Thanks for the review and pictures!:D

    ***** Marie *****
    Freeman Beauty Blogger Kit Giveaway

  3. sounds like a pretty good product, def worth a try at least once :)

  4. Wow, it looks really lengthening on you! I don't think I've heard of this brand before, and I don,t think I've seen it around here either. We never get the good stuff anyway -_-

    I also prefer that kind of brush to the hard rubber brush.

    I have noticed you do review lots of mascara, how do you do to use them up so quickly? Or do you just open a ton of mascara at once? I'm curious LOL!

    Oh and I voted on your poll for "haul". BTW, mail counts as hauls for me (:

  5. @Themisstwist- =) I can only find it at London Drugs or Rexall, it doesn't seem to be at major drug stores =/

    @Marie- I agree, it was worth it, I do like the outcome of the mascara it's pretty good! =)

    @PopChampagne- I think so! If you ever use it let me know how you like it!

    @Gaby- haha yes yes I have a ton open at once, its terrible but I use up the ones I love and the ones I hated I will randomly use with ones I love so I do try to use them up...doesn't always work =/
    Your mail counts as hauls because its AWESOME lol =)

  6. Great review!! You have gorgeous lashes!!! :)

  7. @VintageMakeup- =D Thank you and thank you!


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