Most reached for Eye Shadows

6:00 AM

Please forgive the picture, it is 9pm and it is dark dark outside!! So I had to use my flash and the color is a bit off =/

ahh cat hair again on my naked palette! ops =/

When it comes to everyday shadows(When I use them) I am very neutral and like mostly browns so a lot of my shadows are similar colors but I feel like I can never have enough brown eye shadows!

Here are my top ones I love to use:

*Urban Decay Naked Palette - ( Of course!)
*Cover Girl Eye Enhancer in Tapestry Toupe- (I have had this forever!)
*Cover Girl Eye Enhancer in Swill Chocolate- (Also an oldy)
*Wet n Wild Color Icon in Nutty (Best $2 shadow ever!)
*Hard Candy Baked Eye Shadow Duo in Baked (Nicely pigmented for $5 Shadow!)

What is your most used color & Brand for everyday eye shadow look?

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  1. I'm so jealous you've got the naked palette! I'm still trying to get it haha

  2. Uh I really want the Naked pallette so bad, bet its good =D

  3. My faves are any bright greens I can find, and yellows! I can't get enough of these shades.Basically if it's bright I will wear it! I do love the naked palette though, it's beautiful!

  4. The Hard Candy eyeshadow looks like a gorgeous color!

  5. I'm back!! well no really.. but slow replying to comments and im here to reply ur comment on my glym box.. yep thats howwwwwww slow I am!! wth!! one month late!! hahah.. anywayss are u excited for ur september box? they usually arrive on the 10th and they are quiet on time.. but then again u live farther so I don't know if it will be the same on ur end!

    btwww I love my naked palette and some lancome and sisheido mini sample quads! but also in neutrals =].. I have a lot from ELF but not as good I find =[


  6. I love my urban decay naked palette! :)
    Lucy x

  7. I've ehard a lot of great things about Nutty, looks so gorgeous and pigmented! But DON'T MKE ME BUY IT!!! I have wayyyyy too many eyeshadows already ahah

  8. I LOVE W&W Nutty, I need to reach for it more often. I love how it's not 2 dark but still Taupe

  9. nice eyeshadows! I'm going to buy some the next time I go shopping for some makeup! I just might pick that one up! :-) I usually go for the greed palette by wet n wild because it is soo handy and I can do a quick smokey eye with it or line my eyes with the grey and it looks good! haha

  10. The Naked palette is just fab :) I like the look of the hard candy one :)

    Charlee xx

  11. @Nikkay-It took me almost a year to get so I feel your pain lol but I hope you can get your hands on one soon!

    @Osxg22kgirl-It is amazing! I highly recommend it if you are able to pick up one!!

    @Ct1980-I am envious! I love when people can get away with the bright colors =D I love greens!
    Yes it is soooo beautiful =)

    @NoraSchu-It is very nice and very pigmented too so it's great for a $6 shadow =)

    @ThisisAlx-Lol your back for a couple comments are you! Yay! lol.I am sooo pumped for my box, I hope I get it soon but I will probably get it a few days after you so no telling me what you get! lol.
    I have never got the chance to try out lancome or sisheido! but I hear they are good,maybe one day I will get to test them out..

    @LucyyLou- =D I think it's a very common favorite, I wish I could buy everyone I knew one so they could favorite it as well!

    @Gaby-hahah well it is pretty awesome but I can understand too many shadows so I won't push it too much lol.

    @Mercedes-You found my blog!;) I agree, its super cheap and pretty awesome!

    @Themisstwist- I haven't got that palette yet but it looks really nice! That might be my next palette purchase =D Can't go wrong with WnW Prices

    @VintageMakeup-=D I am glad everyone is liking it.. I have heard a couple people not love it, but maybe they are just crazy?

    @Charlee- I agree! It's a pretty decent size, and I like the fact you get two shadows in it!

  12. What do you mean I found your blog? I always read your posts and comment you freak nuts!!!


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