Fall We Heart It

6:00 AM

I don't know about you guys but I love fall!!! It is my all time favorite season.I am just not a huge fan of Spring & Summer (There is nothing to do in my city!!!!) Winter is alright but it lasts too long and it is fricken freezing... I do love the winter clothing though =D

What is your favorite season?

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  1. Aww such pretty pics, its also my favourite season because its not too hot not too cold, love the fashion that comes out round about now x x

  2. OMG You would never caught me wearing UGGs! Not only are they the ugliest boots ever but they are made of sheepskin... ):

  3. If I had to chose one season I think it would be Fall. But in Ontario there's something to love about all four seasons....and I know what you mean about Calgary. I hear about the bad /cold weather all the time from Dale and then about Edmonton's weather (which I heard is colder than Calgary) from my younger sister :S I think the thing I love most about Fall is the autumn changing of the leaves - the red, orange, and yellow leaves are just beautiful! Dale said there's not much maple trees out West in Alberta so you don't get much for that...but out here in Ontario we have a lot so I love long drives to see the scenic Fall colours ;)
    I hope you're enjoying the long weekend Taygan!

  4. I really love summer! I love the warmth! Fall is good too but when it gets to where there is snow! ugg I hate it! haha I am not a snow fan at all!

  5. Uh I think fall came to fast.. we hardly had any summer this year in denmark. but to be honest fall is my favorite too, I love all the colors =D

  6. Awe I love Fall too!!:) Fall buddies!! *airhug* lol! I absolutely love this time of year, the leaves fall, the smell, the cooler weather:)

  7. @Lalalucy1000- =D I agree! I love all the fall clothes out!!

    @Gaby- =( yikes! It's hard to find things that aren't made from animal unless its cotton. I have the knitted uggs so I think i'm safe!

    @Karen-Yes I agree, the leaves are so beautiful! I love all the colors =) I think Edmonton might be a little bit colder as well since it is more North. aw that would be nice to be able to go on drives to see the trees... I don't think there is much of that around here. I am loving the long weekend! I hope yours is good as well!

    @Themisstwist-lol I hear you with the snow.. I like the first snow fall and then that's it! you defiantly need to move closer to the warm places one day =)

    @Osxg33kgirl-I agree it did seem to just fly to fall but for some strange reason its like +29 all week here this week =/
    Fall has such nice colors =)

    @Tenace- haha yay fall!=D I agree the weather is my fav! Sweater weather!lol its nice!


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