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I know I just did one of these posts but I already had enough to do another small one =D

More empties!

*Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss Triple Moisture Shower Cream
*Maybelline the Falsies Flared in Blackest Black
*Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream
*Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent

I probably won't repurchase the Dark Kiss body wash unless there is a good sale, it was pricey but does smell very nice!!

I have already purchased another Falsies Flared since it was on sale for $4 and that is fricken cheap, I really like this formula...I know this is a terrible company for testing on animals as well.. I am trying to weed them out and its fricken hard because good mascara is the only thing that I cannot stay away from =,(

My all time favorite hand lotion is Herbacin it makes your hands crazy soft and does not test on animals =D

Clean & Clear I know you are a bad company for animal testing =/  so I am staying away from you.

What were some empties you have had recently?

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  1. I did not know that maybelline tested on animals.. baaah i love that mascara :(

  2. I'm glad you liked The Falsies Flared but I'm on the fence with Maybelline because of their animal testing. It may sound hyprocrite because I have quite a lot of products that are tested on animals but I try to only purchase products from companies that don't test on animals. At least I do my part by being a vegetarian (:

  3. Yay for empties! haha I have only hit pan so far but haven't emptied anything good yet.

  4. Good work! :) You finish things soooo fast! I'm hoping to finish more this month. Also, a good mascara is the Onyx Mascara by Garden Botanika. (not tested on animals) It's a very natural looking mascara though, so if you like very dramatic lashes it may not be for you.

  5. I was saving some empties to do a post and my hubby said I got rid of all those empty bottles for you ehehe so it will be a makeup empties only :)

  6. LOVE Dark Kiss!!! It is my FAVE scent from B&BW :)

  7. wow.... I don't have any empties! :-( I use my stuff very sparsely haha... Oh wait I have a couple but nothing cool haha I haven't tried the falsies flared yet... so many people are using it.. maybe one day

  8. @Osxg33kgirl-I know what a piss off hey? It works really well.

    @Gaby-It's sooo hard to only purchase cruelty free products =( at least we can slowly weed them out until we find other things to replace them with, and yay for Vegetarians =D

    @Miranda-That's funny I am the opposite, makeup I don't hit pan too much but products I use those suckers up! =)

    @VintageMakeup-Lol I do because I have SOO MUCH stuff in my cupboards that I am MAKING myself use daily! I have never heard of that brand, I will be sure to check out their website =)

    @Mrsmakeup-Lol damnit!! but at least he was cleaning up! Something my bf might want to learn ;)

    @BeautyMark3d- =D It smells amazing hey!

    @Themisstwist-Lol I will when I purchase new stuff but I am trying very much so to use all I have!! I think you should try it, I really like it other then the company being cruel =/

  9. I love when I finally finish a product!! Thanks for sharing your empties, yay for you!!!<3


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