Clairol Natural Instincts Review

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Clairol Natural Instincts 10 Minute Color

For the past 8 months I have been dying my hair, a LOT probably too much but once you see those roots you need to cover it up! I have been playing around with a few different types of dye and colors and haven't found my go to one yet.
I have been skeptical of the 10 minute dyes but this one sounded very interesting with the 2 week color fresh so I thought I would give it a try.

I purchased this at Shoppers Drug Mart for $8.99 regular $12.99 (It might be more expensive at Shoppers since their pricing sucks unless it is a sale)
This color is in 36 Midnight Black 
*10 minute Color
*2 Week Color Fresh Revitalizer
*Ammonia Free
*Covers greys
*Lasts 28 Washes

The ammonia free was one of my favorite things about this, I absolutely hate the smell of hair dye. As well I always find the ammonia more damaging and if you dye your hair once a month it is probably best to use ammonia free anyways.

*Color-Enhancing Colorant
*Color Activating Creme
*Color Conditioning Treatment
*Color Fresh
*2 Pairs of Gloves

So it has the same kinda stuff as every box dye, except the color fresh and an extra pair of gloves when you apply it.
The color fresh comes in a packet that seems like shampoo, you just apply it to your hair wearing the gloves, let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse out.( I haven't tried that yet but I will update this when I do)

This was a very nice thick cream dye, I didn't have any problems with dripping like I did with my last dye I tried. The smell was hardly there! As well the color turned out so dark I was very happy with it.
I really enjoyed the 10 minute wait time rather then the usual 45, I just cleaned up my mess and it was ready to rinse out.
I did just dye my hair this weekend so I will have to see how the fading goes. The last color I used was a purpley color that faded so terrible it made my roots look red. It was not pretty. This covered it up so nicely!

I also didn't get the feeling of straw hair once I was finished. The conditioner was decent, I did use some but I also used my K-Pak Joico with it to make sure I was getting all the moisture I could.
I would for sure recommend this product as well as repurchase it.

Have you tried any of the Color Fresh Dyes from Clairol?

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  1. I have been hoping for this hair dye to come with a permanent formula forever and when it finally did, I purchased two boxes in the darkest brown I could find. I think it's called Natural Instinct Vibrant but I have not tried it yet!

    I am tempted to go black again but I'm scared of the damage, I have already bleached black and it has left my hair in such awful condition.

    My favorite hair dye is Clairol Nice 'N Easy, it is the only hair dye that doesn't make my color fade and I love the multidimensional tones (: I would love to try a cruelty-free hair dye though, but I'm not sure there's some available here...

  2. @Gaby- I know what you mean with the dark browns not being dark enough as black... I hate that you cannot find a wicked dark brown in box dye! So not fair!
    I might have to try the permanent one if this fades fast.
    I did like the Nice N Easy foam dye, It beat L'oreal's for fading.
    I hate the damage that all the dying can leave on hair as well, mine can feel like death sometimes after I dye it too much lol

  3. I just tried dying my hair.... I didn't like the outcome, my hair didn't feel nice at all... I just got another one that has red in it.. I like the auburn ones a bit better now. I use to hate them! I would dye my hair a dark brown and then put blonde highlights in allll the time! haha now I'm debating to do the red one! haha decisions decisions!

  4. I just tried the dark brown shade of Natural Instincts (not the vibrant series) and it came out really rich and deep. There are a lot of other tones, which I couldn't get from a black box color, but overall I'm happy with how dark the color is. If you're curious, here's what happened when I tried Natural Instincts dark brown (#28):

    I've tried a lot of color, and so far this was definitely my favorite dark brown brand.


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