It's that time again FINALLY!!

6:00 AM

Honestly mail is one of my favorite things! When it isn't bills or junk mail of course.
Since I have been blogging I have been ordering coupons and little samples online when I can find them and I have been getting more mail then ever in my life =)
Mail posts are one of my favorite ones to read as well so here it is!

This is a couple weeks saved up (Since I don't get THAT much mail)

*$10 off coupon at Bath & Body Works
* Sample of Sensodyne toothpaste in Ultra Fresh
*September's issue of Chatelaine
*Sample of Veet Easy Grip Wax Strips

The best for last!!

I some how have had wickedly awesome good luck on winning a couple blog contests! I recently won Gabys Veet Giveaway!!! How? I have no clue! likes me on her blog lol. 
Thank you so much to Gaby for hosting the give away and Veet for providing the wonderful products!!!!!

I was so shocked when I opened up the box to see what was inside!!! I will do a full post this weekend of that =D

What was the last thing you received in the mail?

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  1. i sign up for freebies just like you, there always a lovely suprise especially when you don't have to pay :)

    well done on your win hun :)

  2. wow alot of veet stuff! I adore veet! :)
    Lucy x

  3. Sometimes I get freebies in the mail too! the last one it was the new fructis shampoo and conditioner. The other day i just got some blotters that i bought from ebay. :-) I can't wait to see your post about all the veet stuff that you got from gaby! <3

  4. heck yes!!! I always get the best mail when I least expect it :) i'm expecting like 5 packages so hopefully I get them soon haha! You're lucky that Gaby's blog likes you haha it never likes me! :'( but I have won my fair share of giveaways so I cannot complain lol :P

  5. wooohooo!! i got those samples too!! plus come pads no magazine tho =P maybe I should sub to the chatelaine too =] hehe but too lazy to now have to catch on on blogging first =S and my fall sem is hectic!! =[.. one more exam on thursday and im done with summer =] hehe.. let me know how the bottle ones work on u!1 I always wanted to try it because u dont need to shave? u just scrape it off with the scraper thingy? lol =] and hopefully I can be one of Gaby's giveaway winner soon hehe =P u are soo lucky on her blog!! =]


  6. @Charlotte-they are so Awesome =D plus it's even better when you get a sample you love that you never knew about!

    @Lucyylou- that's good to hear, I hope I feel the same way =)

    @Themisstwist-wow that would be nice =) I bet they are good for drugstore shampoo&conditioner!

    @Cerina-5! That will be a wicked mail post =) I can't wait to see that one!! Lol some how I lucked out! Good to hear you have won though, it makes my week if I ever win anything =)

  7. @Thisisalx-nice! If you know of any good freebie sites you should let me know! Good luck on your exam =D
    I will for sure, I hope they work sounds so much better than the nair ones I have tried in the passed, and the scrapper is probably the reason why! I hope you get to win next time too =)

  8. thats so cool! i never win anything lol

  9. Yey, you also got the Veet and Sensodyne samples! I absolutely can't remember where I went to order the Sensodyne sample LOL?! Anyway, I like to carry it in my school bag or handbag (:

    Yey for winning! The gift basket seems HUGE ahah! You won't have to shave for a looooong time now, hopw you like everything, I am IN LOVE with the depilatory creams!

  10. @Wafflegarden-I think the secret is if you win once you keep on winning! You will win one day, but it takes time for some of us not so lucky at the start winners lol

    @Gaby-Lol I think it was from a mydailydeals email or something? I'm not too sure either but I saw it in Shoppers for $2 so that's cool we got to try it!
    =D I am so pumped to win!! It;s so funny I think once I get the hang of it I will use it all the time!! I just wanted to wait until it wasn't so hot out so my bathroom wouldn't smell like burning skin!

  11. It's so nice to see that you're so happy about winning Gaby's giveaway :)
    Ooo and I love sensodyne. it's a saviour for my sensitive teeth and I use the Fresh Mint one. If you have sensitive teeth I think you'll love sensodyne as well :)


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